May 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Atlantis Rises, Ninja Tower, Valhalla Forever, Mirages Of Omega, Sanctuary Of Gargoyles, The Masquerade, Dynasty Of Dunes, War Of 3 Kingdoms, Tremors Of Underwild, and Soul Exchange)

After Polski (Polish), we have Korean, then Japanese, then Simplified Chinese and finally Traditional Chinese.


Thx, I will try to collect these names for you.
I will tag you in the posts about them.


Wow! I never thought about that before. Thank you!


Yes! below Polski is Korean! Thank you very much for your kind work!


Every month y’all make my E&P life a little easier. Thanks calendar creators!


Brace yourself content creators, Version 48 Release Notes & Status hints some events held in June already and some future event for the summer. Challenge Festival confirmed after the Gargoyle.


I think we are going to need a bigger “calendar”.


At least we can suspect what will be tested in V49, and if SG wants it to have it so early, then I suspect a new Beta build will arrive no later then next Wednesday, but maybe it arrives this week.

Is Frost March happening today May 3? It shows on the calendar, but it has not yet appeared in the Quests. Any info is much appreciated.



No one knows as it’s random

The last rare quest appeared on Wednesday. If one appeared today it would be early but welcome


The Find Crafiting Items quest will end early tomorrow about 12 hours from now.
I am expecting Frost March apperance right after it ends.


Rare quests come between 5 to 9 days after the previous one. Their dates given on the calendars were and will always be estimate.

They have been late in day Tuesday or early Wednesday lately.

@Zartanis , I appreciate you adding the raid tournament details to Sundays on all your calendars. Also, for the weekly one, it helps that early June (or at least what we know now about June 1 - June 5) is shown on the end of the last week of May.

Luckily, I don’t have to zoom in on my device. However, I do zoom in once in awhile to your English colored images calendar to get it near full screen (horizontal view) with a black background.

I’ve been looking at that version every month since June 2020 (I believe). And whether I am actively playing or taking a break from the game, I still check the monthly calendars page for planning purposes.

So, thank you to ALL the talented calendar creators for fitting all the information into the various formats and languages that you do, and making it look so nice in the process!

Quick question though…the Mirages of Omega (limit breaker quest) is supposed to be for yellow (holy) materials this month?

(I can’t tell by the graphic I’m looking at, and thought we last had yellow in January, so yellow would be back in June? Hopefully I’m not causing any confusion here. If yellow is in May, that will change my plans a bit.)

Thanks again for all of everybody’s hard work every month, creators! The “week at a glance” new one might work well for those people who use weekly planners or organizers, so it is nice to have the additional option out there.


It will be fire this month (May) and holy next in June.


@VeryQuietly’s calendar really reads the word “FIRE” (with red font) on it.
On @Zartanis’s calendars, he put the fire element icon on both sides of “MIRAGE OF OMEGA” (text on the colored ones, of the quest icon (and with bigger icons) on the black and white one so it’s easier to see the flame in the icon).
What do you think he could make to improve the readability?

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Oops, @VeryQuietly , I forgot to check your items this month before I asked my question! I was going by the all yellow graphic above the words Mirages Of Omega, and not looking to the sides of the words on the calendar by @Zartanis.

Thanks for the quick reply… a good reminder to check both places first from now on, if I’m not sure of something. Checking the quick reference now to see if I’m missing anything else.

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Polish Calendar (classic)



Added to the OP, thank you @ColdHands .


@Zartanis and the calendar team, thank you very much for all your effort every month!
Very useful information!