[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Trade will be very usefull for all players…
For ex;
i want magni…İ got 2x Vivica; i wanna trade 1 of those; i will put on her in a trade for 2500 gems…A player wants Vivica.He/she havent got any vivica so far…Looks and sees the tradable vivica…but he/she has got for ex: 2x magni…offers me for trade 1x magni for 1x vivica…İ and he/she agreed;we can do trade becouse we bouth got 2x 5* replika hero(if you have 1x then you cant trade it…same as costume xp for costume…); we bouth paid 2500x gems(total 5000 gems) and trade vivica/magni succesfully…
Game gains 5000 gems and 2 player gets what they wanted…
Same as HOTMs and Event heros…
If i want missing an event 5* hero/heroes then i and other side must put a same event’s 5* heros for trade…
ex : i got 2x Guardian Panther ; i can put 1 of them for trade and i can trade it only a 5* guardians-of-teltoc hero…
It could be easily doable and easily developable…
Pls do it :slight_smile: that will be a game savior move…

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Those who like the original idea can bolster it by voting for it.

I do like @TheFeralOne ‘s recent additions. :+1:


just glance of my idea , i believe that mostly SG will reject Trading since it will costs people less spend to pull but do trade instead

so i wonder how about Trade with costs Gem for each party ? let say i got 5 Alice but no single Finley , but my guildmate had 3 Finley but no Alice , we do Trade which costs me 5000 Gem and 5000 Gem for my guildmate as well , totally it costs 10k gem ( $100 ).

so basicly no cheating since both party will lose same amount of Gem

personally i prefer spend $50 or maybe more to trade my unused card for another card i need , as well as my guildmate. SG wont lose anything but will get another income from Trade , people who stop spend bcs of bad luck may spend more to get card they want.


We all need or want that certain -

Starred Monster
Ascension Item (we never win)

Why can’t we trade within our alliance for the item/monster we need?

E.g. one of my team members would like a certain 4* monster which I have 3.
I need 2 of the same ascension item to fully upgrade one of my players and this team member has them.

We could do a swap

Hi @Haylitch1

Welcome back to the forum. Please remember to search before creating a new thread :slightly_smiling_face: :mag:

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The other threads are quite old

But I do apologise I will close my idea


This is the master thread and although it was started quite a while ago, the debate is live and was added to today already :slightly_smiling_face:

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My idea was posted originally in a totally different thread but revisiting the forums I found this one so wanted to stick a copy here for consideration/contribute to the conversation (updated some info as well). It was an idea that tied a few things together so I know some of this has been implemented or is related to other aspects of the game but the focus here is a way to tie in trading and how it can relate to other parts of the gameplay. I also pulled 3 extra Vivica in the last month so being able to trade them to guildmates would be nice since I dont think I’d ever use 4 of them at once…

New Buildings-
*Guild Hall
~Available at level 15, must have been with current guild for 30 days. When transferring guilds, timer resets. Transferring back counts as a transfer and takes 30 days to become available to use again.
~Submit resources/items in exchange for commendations
~Commendations are used for trades at the Embassy and Trade Square
~Commendations come different colors (different materials required), researches unlock different colors, all need to be researched
~Upgrading reduces the time it takes to make one commendation (start time is 7 days, full research is 24 hours

~Put up a hero for trade within your Alliance, or use commendations to receive one
~Trade different number of commendations (based on hero stars/rarity), 1 star being 2 commendation, 2 being 4, 3 being 6, 4 being 8 and 5 being 10 (minimum of 20 days time with maxed Guild Hall at lvl20)
~Trading a Hero for commendations get you 25% of the total commendation cost
~After a trade, your Embassy closes for 48 hours to throw a welcome/going away party (continues to help reduce feeding)
~Embassy is on the same timer as Guild Hall so transferring to a new guild locks this building down for 30 days after joining.

*Traded Heroes
~Can not trade with active emblems
~Heroes lose all level progress when traded
~Costumes can not be traded and stay with the owner

*Trade Square
~Commendations can be used to purchase Guild Event special items
~Special items can be used on special Titans to trigger a buff for the duration of that Titan
~Special items can be used in new guild quest event once a month for the duration of one quest (ie, extend guild quests duration by 1 hour, refresh guild quests, quests completes in the next hour reward double points)
~Special items are available to use in addition to normal items (similar to the shop where items change daily or hourly but can be received without diamonds, ie 5 gloves for 1 cape)

New Event-
*Guild Quest
~Week long guild quest where the guild receives rewards based on the points it gets. The more high level quests that are completed, the more rewards the guild receives (everyone in the guild gets a copy of the same reward available at the tiers as they unlock them)
~Special items are available to use in addition to normal items
~This can be tiers for the guild to work together and complete or can be used as another fashion of guild war (two teams compete to see who can earn the most points total)


Why not implement this - inter-alliance only; trading and receiving members have to have been in said alliance (without leaving) for 6 months minimum (that will stop the “pop-ins” just for trading purposes, while thinning the number of half filled alliances-freeing up server resources); and at a gem cost, tbd, based on hero drop% rate, ie hotm’s, event specific heroes will be at the top of the “pay for” scale, due to low probability of receiving. Just a couple of thoughts to throw in the mix - if these ideas have already been mentioned, my apologies. I wasnt about to read all 820+ threads this morning.


You know, if the dev’s decided to make it cost gems ($$$money$$$) to trade between alliance members, then all of a sudden! I’d bet they’d start listening to players. It’s stupid not to at least consider how much money they could make by listening to a request that has such a high player demand. Imagine that! Too miserly too make a profit from being a miser. How ironic!

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I totally agree but 5k gems for a trade between two players for a 5 star hero is too much… i rather see you can buy trade coins as mentioned earlier above. And if dev’s are listening to us here and we could trade heroes then it least those 2 players need to stay in that alliance for at least 3 months or else we are getting ally hoppers which can only harm the alliance.

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I was thinking about this, we cannot let people stay in an ally because they traded an hero recently. But we do not want ally hoppers, right?! My suggestion, if you must leave you have to pay a fine of 5k gems. Also the trade coins, 1 trade coin for a level 3 hero, 2 for a 4 star en 3 coins for a 5 star hero trade. Those trade you can buy or earn somehow. Also 1000k iron and 1000k food is a trade coin too…

I did a search but did not see an answer to my question but would it be hard to create a away for alliances to trade ascension materials. Cause like I need sturdy shields. So like if someone in my alliance had some but I had something they lacked we could trade.


I don’t know if this has ever been brought up before but I think it would be a good idea to be able to trade or sell items within your alliance. Some alliance members need items that other members have excess of. So if we can trade within the alliance that would build the alliance up.

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I bet most are looking for sturdy shields. Lol
If we can’t trade maybe make it so we can forge them or something.

The answer to this is Alchemy Lab… it’s not proved very popular to say the least

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Hey if I’m able to ascend my Skittleskull and Melendor it’s popular with me

Cause why would we want anymore green if we can’t fully ascend them

Are you using alchemy lab? It would be nice to hear a success story.

It appears to be incredibly resource hungry and unlikely to offer the materials one needs.

Rare quests are the most reliable source of shields still :shield:

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