[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

Thanks, @Ufeel, for the straightforward answer.

TiA :joy: to the others on high horses too. In the future, do consider that the seeker is unaware of that option.
Answer if you can., else ignore the thread rather than show off. No need for snarky comments.

As you can see the icons don’t appear for me

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My apologies if my comment came off in a negative way. I saw that someone else had already given the answer to the question - but because I find myself in the position of asking a lot of questions I thought maybe what’s helped me could be helpful.

I have vision issues so have difficulty navigating the forum sometimes. There have been a lot of community members super helpful though, so I just want to be able to pay it forward (if possible)!

Happy gaming! :relieved:


Everything is easily accessible on the forum page via the phone ….

  • A simple search with appropriate words….


for me it’s more annoying to have an in depth discussion why people shouldn’t ask easily searched for previously answered questions then the occasional redundant and easily ignored question

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Ignoring can be disrespect…. Unhelpful…

Informing how easily one can get info is helping more new or occasional visitors to access things…

& I consider all to be smart…. Snarky or not :exclamation:


The questions that have been asked and answered, 100’s of times… even when they are in the title of the thread… annoy me. I may be guilty of it at times… but more often than not… I start @ the last post I didn’t read… and then read on… skimming yes… but usually respecting the thread.

Being the person who is too lazy to read the thread and comes in asking… who would like to synopsize the last week of posts for me… thank you very much.

Who do these people think they are?


the way i see it, you aren’t going to change human nature and some people are just going to go about it in ways that takes little self responsibility or initiative, i assume most people that sign up and log into a forum in 2024 know how to search that forum already and its not like the magnifying glass is hard to find, it’s about where you would expect it to be.

but i think being overly annoyed and then trying to curtail the behavior is just counter productive and pointless since i doubt most of the people you are all trying to educate will even bother to read back to this part of the thread and just rather ask their question


One word bro. Porthos


Pretty sure he was talking about fated summon taking 2000 pulls. And some really awful luck

Some new ones today

Cinnamon, cupido, c odin, c… C… Can’t think of her name


It’s Snow White’s Costume



Costume Snow White. It looks like she’s the 10 blue.

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Anne othered: with a blasting scatterer and a taunting limiter. :thinking:
They couldn’t be more different.

Snow white! That’s the name… I knew exactly what she did but couldn’t think of the name lol

A red hero was finally revealed! And it’s a good one, fingers crossed Cupido’s only a 15 so that Hypnos is the 20.


I think cupido would be a 20


So who are the new 4?
Snow White Costume, Cupido… and the other 2?
Is one of them Odin?

i love how SE elevated now

i really hope this will be the standard for future SE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

PS: I’d love it if this SE we are allowed 2 exchanges instead of 1

Odin c and cinnamon