[MASTER] - Is the rare Quest cancelled for this week?

Yea, I don’t either. People throwing tantrums about everything and anything. It’s evident everywhere, including this forum here (not saying you, BTW. Just in general). I get your logic, but I also get SG’s as well. They did the “meet in the middle” approach by reducing the overall spawn rates of rare mat quests by a good 30+%.

Most people don’t care nor do they really care to get that “Oh one more mat to add to the pile of 20+ I will never get to use”. Your post in Ideas/Features category has been there for a week, and it has garnered 13 votes (14 now that I’ve added mine to it as I’m not against it at all).

You’re not losing out on it as you never had it to begin with. Like I said, there was a “meet in the middle” approach that has been applied. I’m willing to bet 100% that the devs believe this makes up for it because you ahd to wait 10+ days between rare quests. I’d say what we have now is better than what it was before. I recall having to wait nearly two weeks and then boom a challenge event, so another week added making it a 3 week wait between rare quests. Olive branch turning out to not be good enough.

But that’s what it sounds like…veiled in the excuse of you’ve already outlined. You want it on a set clockwork, regardless of what else is happening. Which means spawn timers of all other quests also have to change as well.

I’m certainly not dismissing you…just providing different perspective on things the way I see it.

No one said it’s perfect now. But I’m of the belief that the energy should be focused on more important areas. Example: the nospend movement. Even though I’m not actively participating in it, I think it would create more value to the community then a set schedule of rare mat quests. Most people don’t have issues with mats…most people have issues with not getting heroes to broaden their enjoyment in the game or the heroes they have getting changed (even though I personally prefer to wait to see what the end result of the “Big Balance” will actually be).

It’s not. You’re not getting fewer mats. You’re getting more of them. You never had them on a set schedule. Time being reduced between spawns translates in more of them appearing more frequently which then translates in a net gain of mats. Those complaining about mats at this point are spending money on pulls but not on mats. There’s an easy fix for that. Instead of creating a larger backlog, spend some of that money on mats. Problem solved.

Well, you can feel however you want about it…but again, time between spawns has already been reduced a while back.

We all go through hot/cold streaks. Unless your actively purchasing all mats offers. I’ve yet to see anyone provide tangible evidence that they’re not getting mats just like everyone else. Few that have complained about this, after seeing their roster just made me laugh because I saw where those mats went and how large of a backlog they had.

Anyways, I do hope your idea/features post picks up traction. Personally, wouldn’t bother me one way or the other.

Welcome to the internet, where people throw tantrums, because…

Cancelling an event to make a few people happy is the wrong solution. They don’t have to do the rare quest if they prefer chasing a position on some leader board.

It’s my understanding everything is optional in this game, except rage quitting during war with flags left unused.

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And here we go again, where the hell is the rare quest? Do we really need to chase it every single week?

Um… no? It appears randomly and I would guess sometime today or tomorrow after one of the active quests finishes. It’s always been like this and pretty sure someone has mentioned it in this thread before

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I think I will just quote that every week, there’ll always be someone with the same unconstructive complaint.


Rare quests were last two or three Tuesdays so I expect it today when collect gems is over.

Didnt you read the balance blog? Rare Quest is cancelled as of now, to many complaints every week upset the balance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel a disturbance within the force…


Yep, like it said, they switched it from Monday to Tuesday.

active mission for me :+1:

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The ignorance is strong in this one

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Weren’t you guys complaining about people being nadty?

Yes. As opposed to not reading information provided in this very thread that answer the very same question you’ve asked. :wink:

Hmmm…not sure what sort of response you’re expecting after you posted this?

You sure do a lot of nasty to question others for their “nadty” replies and inability to read the available info from people who’ve taken the time to provide it


After all your spam?

Cynically, I have to wonder how much more “constructive” my suggestion is other than

  • “pat onna head, isn’t that a nice suggestion, now we have an excuse to tell anyone who is tired of the Rare quest shifting (or wondering if this week’s events might serve an excuse for it to be canceled) to go over to the out-of-the-way ‘designated free speech zone’ where they can be safely ignored forever”

I mean, yes, I’ve tried to push for a fix. But if it winds up ignored by SG plus also winds up as a “take your annoyance or protests somewhere we don’t have to see it” thread :confused:

Is there any form of constructive complaint?

Or are the only form of “constructive” complaints the ones about individuals (“uncultured” or otherwise)?

I mean, if the issue is “why do people keep doing/saying the same thing over and over” then I have to ask if we are playing the same game here, i.e. one in which you attain rewards at execrable odds by doing the same thing over and over :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t seem to get myself to back down from certain types. It’s my flaw. :man_shrugging:

Yes it shows up daily.

Your feature request is far from anything “unconstructive” and I’ve upvoted it myself. It’s also in the right place and I have no problem with mentioning it for people to go check it out. However, the very essence of this topic is rather troll’esque (“this week”) since rare quests have been working the same way for many years now and apart from the first few months of the game, the same way for almost the entire life of this game.
And what is more trolling is people coming every week to ask the same thing again and again whereas 1. the answer about how the game currently handles rare quests have addressed many times 2. there are several change requests in the “ideas & feature requests” (yup, sections have name for a reason) about rare quest already and one can always make a new one if they have a different approach to change things.

And for your last question, I think the game differs significantly for everyone depending on the features they like within the game, their roster and their spending habits. For example, today’s rare quest gave me my 28th Darts, yes I have 28 of those now!

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It really doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why I MADE my suggestion, even in the “where ideas go to die” subforum. But if SG actually does pay any attention to these forums and sees that there seems to be at least as much interest in

I can’t help but wonder just how seriously any possible fix will ever be taken.

Frankly, as much as it’s been claimed that “negativity” on the forums is a problem here, it feels to me like negativity about the game isn’t the problem.

It’s negativity about forum posters. Someone comes here frustrated with some aspect of the game that really doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s “LOLOLOL TROLL” time?


I do appreciate the upvotes and kind words from folks who have supported my idea, but I kind of wonder if mocking folks who complain about the status quo is, at best, sending mixed messages to SG about how much change is really wanted.

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