[Master Discussion] - Superior Talents

This Enchanted Thorn Minion is a beast…
I have faced an enemy with Druid version of Magni.
Only he was left alive in the battlefield.
Some of my heroes had minions, while I have not taken anti minion heroes with me.

My minions triggered the summon of the Ranch Thorn minion on Magni faster than I could kill them…

Luckily with increasing attack in the lar few minutes of battle I could finally beat him.

But the battle against only him took maybe 5-6 minutes for sure…

Really annoying…


Not looking forward to facing off with an oversized minion.

Now i realised why Groot was so hard to kill today. I fought against a team with Groot, and he kept popping minions like popcorns. I was wondering why even with -44% DD ailment and 2 snippers he was still fat and alive with a half minion. As he was just the last one standing, it didn’t really matter.
Need to keep an eye for these s1 cards.


My takeaway from playing around with both druid and paladin superior talents is that you don’t want to take minions against either of them because your minions are going to be triggering their talents ALL THE TIME, with the effect that they are actually healing/boosting the enemy.
Conversely, Druids and Paladins are good additions to YOUR team when you are fighting minions, or in the undead army wars.


The druid’s Superior Companion is very powerful. See this video at 8:24 by @Dzibong.

I wish they will not apply the Superior talent to the emblem quests :joy:.


Yeah, but do you two forget that Tyr is FIGHTER ? :rofl:

Omg! Spot on!!! My bad. I can’t think of any Ranger that has bypass included in their specials.

Thank you for spotting this.

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I have no idea as well :smile:. I think SG intentionally design that rangers will not have bypass ability on their skill since ranger talent will make bypass ability less affective. That is why both Cobalt and Sobek are wizard since wizard work well with bypass ability. They will bypass defensive buff and do additional damage from those buff. Other heroes with bypass ability are mostly rogue, e.g., Zagrog, Sapphire, Agnes, Griffin, etc.

The only way which I can think of that rangers will have another bypass ability is using ninja or styx troop :smile:.


Here is the updated hero + talents guide @PlayForFun. Thank you.


Thx, I have moved it to the OP.

How does the trainer hero get there :rofl: ?

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The number is good, but actually, my Vvc cus 2 have bad revival rate :wink:

:joy::rofl: dem blue trainer has been upgraded.

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Druid superior talent is awesome!
I have just fought in tournament against 2 fiend summoners. Among others I took C.Kelile +20 and Caedmon +20. The battle wasn’t easy as I couldn’t get enough tiles to charge my heroes, but… I managed to kill 3 heroes on the left and they were Aodhan and Anastazia. They gave my heroes 2 fiends each.
Kelile was my last hero, they had 2C.Kelile and Captain of Diamonds. Every hit from a fiend give a chance for summoning a minion. How I won that match:
Kelile got hit by a fiend → a minion appeared.
I matched 3 red tiles to charge my Kelile. I fired.
Fiend attack - got another minion.
CoD. Charged and removed my minions, but his damage was weak.
Fiend attacked - another minion appeard. And so on.
I killed 2C. Kelile and CoD with tiles and burn ailment and won the battle. Awesome!


1#C Kelile is one of the best heroes now.

Oh just re-linked to the wrong image in my image library. Easily fixed.

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Fixed the error on the guide where Thorne was shown as a trainer hero. The image in my post 97 has been updated @PlayForFun. Thank you.

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Thx, I have replaced the image in the OP.

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I’m F2P, playing for about a year, so my war defense is all 4* emblemed (no LB). Had an opponent take out my center 3 on first attack, leaving Boldtusk and Melendor on the edges. His 2nd attack netted 3 points and both of my heroes survived at nearly full health. Poor guy - would have loved to see that replay. Of course, I’ve been on the receiving end of super revives and minions, too, so it all evens out in the end I guess.

I dont know your roster but two healers at the edges seems not to be the best positioning of heros.
I usually use a one healer defense with the healer in a flank position.
Fast heros at the edges and the slower heros toward the centers.

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