[MASTER] Ability to Bulk Purchase Multiple Special Gem Offers in One Transaction / Buy All Button

Seriously, they need to fix this! I hate having a ton of microtransactions on my credit card statement.

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SG are the ones that choose the payment options not Google so if SG wants to great a buy all button then Google have nothing to say about it.

But yes I have thought the same many times as to why there isn’t a buy all option or at the very least a dropdown as to how many you want to purchase.

I would like to be able to change the quantity of purchases instead of having to buy single offers five or ten separate times.

At the beginnnig of most events, there is generally a fairly decent low priced gem offer with more than one available in Inventory to purchase. For Atlantis, you have Four that you can purchase, but each one must be a separate purchase. Why not make it so that you can select to purchase all 4 at the same time. The individual purchases trigger the security alert on my CC and I have to contact my Credit card to make the last purchase each time.

Why not make a scroll option so you can purchase 1-4 or simply add a “Purchase all” option? It would help with this as it would go in as one purchase.


Ditto. This has been quite annoying for some time now.
Or you have to wait about 5mins between purchases because payment method declined.

Unless SG get more coin per transaction, I cant see any other reason not to change to a more user friendly and less frustrating payment system.


Yeah, then there are those offers with 10 in inventory…

That’s when I have to spread the purchases out over the full time they are available. That’s annoying. It’s either that or just get on the phone with my CC and make the purchases while I’m on the phone with their security department.

This is obviously a good idea. At the same time, a quick solution for people in this position would be to buy a pre-paid Google/Apple card. Your credit card only gets charged once, though you still have to go through 4-10 transactions.

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This would be good. (20 credit card statement items)

Since you seem to adore merging @zephyr1

Eh, it’s ok. Someone has to do it. :man_shrugging:

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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The only reason I can think about that would encourage SG to do this is to increase internet presence as every individual transaction counts towards the ranking status and worth of the online business.

Example; Use 10,000 members all buying every one of those 4 offers and The internet would read it as 40,000 transactions thus not taking into account they are only coming from 10,000 members. Internet bots go WOW they are extremely popular. Now multiple that by 1 million and the bots think it’s 4 million.
That would increase popularity extremely fast.

It goes a bit deeper than that but that’s the basic jist of it.

Just to help u out because I have been in banking for nearly 10 years. Although I am in the credit card side and do risk mitigation I can maybe help ya out. First thing call ur bank or stop in and ask what kind of checking/spend account u have. There r many options and each one has its perks. They may have an unlimited daily transaction account but it could require a minimum balance at all times or something. Second ask to speak to the fraud monitoring department. Tell them this is part of ur spending pattern. That limitation could b risk associated. They could possibly raid ur daily limit if u inform them of this issue. Also u can always try calling before u make the purchases. They can consolidate them as they come in if I ask them to and that could also help. Don’t ever let banking rules associated with ur account and ur money seem fixed and permanent. U have every right to call ur bank and have them get the best product for u. I will say though there r some federally regulated guideline law that cannot b altered. Like u can transfer money into a savings account
from ur checking as many times as u want a month. But if I want to transfer out of savings electronically it’s 6 times and thats that. In person transfers and ATMs normally don’t count towards the 6 too. Just an example. Wow! I am a huge banking dork. I just did my best impression of War & Peace regarding ur simple question. Sorry bout that. Just trying to give u options so I can help u fix it ASAP. Best of luck!

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I’d like to request the developer to enable the feature to select the number of the same items for purchase. ie, the special deals that are available, 5 of the same and have to buy them 1 at a time is very inconvenient to keep track when I spend quite a bit.

When you have multiple deals/items in stock to purchase, it would be nice to be able to purchase them in one transaction. Buying $0.99 5 times in row causes my credit card to freeze and then I have to approve conflict in my bank app to get it functional again. Every. Time. Would be nice just to click “buy all” and have one $4.95 transaction instead of 5 $0.99 transactions.

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100% yes yes yes yes

Is it possible to have a sort of shopping cart or buy all feature? Would be a lot easier then doing 1 thing at a time

I was thinking about this last Atlantis… why do I need to hit buy 5 times for this deal yes I want the entire special. I’ll take a drop box of how many would u like options why charge me 5 times id rather pay the sales tax once over 5 times

Hey there
So, I’m losing a lot of time when they have these offers with « x » in stock, buying each and every one of those separately…I could really use an additional « buy all » feature / button. Thanks

This has been suggested many times over but I’ll vote for it (and other Quality of Life ideas) every time until devs do it.

I would also love to release my bank from the problem of calling me due to 5 small transactions in a row and asking whether I got hacked.

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