[MASTER] Ability to Bulk Purchase Multiple Special Gem Offers in One Transaction / Buy All Button

At the start of the latest event (Riddles), we were given the option to buy gems. You are able to make 10 purchases. Can there be a way to do all purchases at one time instead of 10 individual ones? My bank limits me to 20 transactions a day and doing these purchases uses half of them! This can potentially cause problems down the road with other transactions throughout the day (gas, groceries, bills, etc.). This has affected me in the past.


For the Alice event, you’re offering 10 packs of 200 gems for $0.99 each. It’s a bit annoying to buy all 10 individually, even with Google’s 1-Tap Purchase. Perhaps add a slider to buy however many packs?


I believe that is a google thing and not an SG thing. I could be wrong.

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All SG would have to do is list a “Buy 1x 0.99” and a “Buy 10x 9.90” button the same as they do with summons.
Essentially 2 separate offers but one is disguised as a multi-buy of the other.


You just know, everyone would buy 9 singles and then the multi buy deal though

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…And this is why I don’t work for SG

I’ve often wondered myself why you have to buy them all individually. Is there a reason it’s done this way?

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Or they just remove the “Buy 10” button once one is purchased. Lol

Would be good. My bank sent me a new card unnecessarily as the microtransactions set off their fraud flagging system

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Yes but your creating more coding, just to make it easier for us… Sg gains nothing so are unlikely to spend time on such changes


I have a complaint that may not be ridiculous or it may be depending on one’s perspective. A gem offer has popped up corresponding with the new event. 200 gems for $.99. A fair and reasonable deal and probably worthwhile. My issue is, there are 10 in stock and I am tempted to buy all of them, but I am apprehensive of having 10 charges on my credit card at $.99 each. My creditors no doubt think I am crazy enough without this kind of attention. Can’t we just merge it into one payment of $10 and call it good, I’ll even throw in the dime.

I am tired of ny wife rolling her eyes at me everytime she gets an emailed fraud alert from Visa. :roll_eyes:


This is actually valid and belongs in ideas or suggestions.

@Kerridoc @zephyr1 @Coppersky @Rook

Then again, some complaints here get addressed. :thinking:


Merged :heart_decoration:

Shortterm solution (on Android): Go to amazon and buy a Google Play credit for $10. Then buy with one-tap buy ten times. Your card only gets charged once for the Google Play credit. (I imagine something similar is possible with Apple Play.)


I agree with that one. At least have the option to buy one at a time and all ten at once with the different amounts. Allows for someone just to buy a spin or two and others to buy the whole-lot without all the little amounts on the statement at the end of the month.

I could only purchase once its says error when i tried to purchase I’m trying to by all ten. is there a bug. I used my paypal account to try and purchase. It says i already purchased all ten but i only have credit for one. 200gems for 99¢

Appreciate the input, honestly something i had never thought of. Still a nuisance to do multiple transactions but at least its on a prepaid card then. Thanks

I have my account linked to my pay pal to avoid micro transactions on my card

You know, my banking card was blocked once for “suspicious activity” when I did these multiple purchases in row.

They’ve made them single purchases so that the missis says, ok just one :rofl:

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