Margaret classified with "B" (in the 7 Days Hero Grading Guide) (Title Updated 06.02.2020)

They are continuing on the table heroes grid, I was impressed Margaret classified with “C” now I’m sure I’m sadder. She would not take my tonics :cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved::cry:marg


What somebody else grades a hero should not have any influence on how you think about a hero.
If he fits your need, go for it and level the hero!
If they can fill a gap in color, or special why would you be disappointed in somebody else who sees this not the best hero around?
Go for it!
Make it work for yourselves


I saw some videos here on the forum where Kage hit her every time, I can not believe her potential, yesterday I read an argument if I use badges in defense, her damage will be smaller and less chance of avoidance. His classification seems to be clear. I was happy when I won, and today I’m very sad :sob:

I wish I had more than one rec to give this. You play the hand you are dealt. You also have to play according to your style. Sometimes, that means you will value a hero far more than others; sometimes much less. I don’t have a single “grade A” tank on my roster. In fact, my current tank, Danzaburo, is rated a C. But I’m still feeding him rogue emblems and plugging away in the middle of platinum tier with him.

I also don’t care much for color stacking. I will do it against titans, where it seems to work better for me, but it seems like it bites me more often than not on offense, especially in this week’s raid tournament, which I bowed out of this morning. Restricting blue heroes forced me to stack, and I always stacked against the tank or the color the defense stacked, but at least half the time, I wasn’t able to string together many of my strong color tiles and instead, ended up firing blues at the enemy, charging their specials (at very fast) and ensuring a loss. I think others are struggling with this as well, since my defense is doing pretty well, despite being nothing special. Again, play style choice.

I was actually hoping to draw Margaret because I think the 5-star greens are generally underwhelming, and I thought she would be better than many of them. I also tend to play very defensively (2 healers if I can get away with it), so her special would fit in with my style. If she works for you, level her.


I am using Elena as tank in raid defence because I have nothing better suited (maybe Richard).
I can easily stay in Diamond (2500+) with a tank that not many people like to use. She is also not graded as an A but who cares?

You have the heros you have. There is nothing you can change about that. Don’t worry what others tell you. Level her and see if you can make her work in your team.

There is always a better tank, a better sniper, a better healer, but guess what, next hotm can change it all again and then what? Not use the second to best because there is a new hero in town?


Sadly she has many limits.

On defence she can only be on flank (too squishy to be on tank, and you waste one minion if you place her on wings)

Attack raiding she don’t provide damage other then her high attack value. Not sure i would use her rather then many others greens (even 4*).

For titans again she provide a huge tile damage, but her special it’s not so reliable to survive high level titans, and there’s much more useful heroes (expecially among green limited time) to give damage/survive more.

She can be an option considering only regular greens… but even there she is pretty niche.

I’m sorry, i personally think it is not only a matter of perspective.
I really think she is on the shorter part of the stick.


Agreed @HarryDeB, I’m using all tc20 heroes Viv-Lianna-Thorne-Marjana-Sartana and hanging around 2500+ cups no problem. Thorne gets all kinds of hate on here but he works for me-at tank no less. Gave all but Viv emblems (because Rigard +12 is more valuable to me) and glad I did. You’re never going to have whatever the “best team” is in your mind so if you can make her fit, great, if not eh-throw her on the pile of others that aren’t going to make your team. I don’t like her either but is what it is.


As a Thorne owner who has not begun leveling him but has the materials to max him, I am pleased to hear this. He’s my next project after Boril, assuming I don’t draw Kiril.


Just remember it is one persons opinion. There is plenty with the grading that I disagree with. It is a great place for a beginner to start off with but eventually you will have a real of what heroes work for you and which don’t.


I was waiting and hoping for Isarnia or someone considered “better” but I got sick of waiting and he fits well into my team. He’s +4 right now and I’m planning to keep throwing him emblems (his talent is perfect for a tank imo). I come on frequently and find I’m up to 2600 or close having actually gained cups when offline so no regrets here! :grin: Skins are coming eventually too and again, I’m aware there are better heroes out there but we’ll see what I can do with that too. I personally don’t have better and am happy with him for now.

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She was my first hotm. A bit dissapointed. She’s weak for a hotm imo. Not worthy of tonics atm. Maybe she will get a buff in the future, like Aegir did. I think hotm should have something spectacular, after all they are available just for a month and after that you might get a chance in atlantis. Maybe SG will extend her special to all allies. That will make her more appealing.


I’m fine with her. I used her in war at 3/50 against a team with Lianna on it. Lianna fired 3! times and never hit anyone.

She is great for Titans with her high tile damage. She is good for attacking teams with hard hitting snipers…and yes, I gave her Tonics.


Margaret is my first and only HOTM. I love her and I don’t care about 7D’s guide. They aren’t omniscient… In raid offence she saved my life many times.


Seriously that list has some real bad ratings in my opinion. It is helpful for starting players, but it also throws u off a bit. I do have my issues with the grading system by 7DD.

Kunchen with his amazing tank and defense gets a B grade in defense go figure, just cause he is slow? He is top notch defensive hero. And a B overall? Even yunan and santa have an A on defense. Kunchen has given me more trouble as a tank than Santa, or even Yunan.

Inari got a A and Poseidon a B…wow… Poseidon is bomb and fast… i dunno…

Delilah gets a B, red hood an A… im shocked… i have both maxed and they are the same to me, both A in my book

Oh yes and Gravemaker would be an A+ overall without any contradictions

I am leveling my Margaret and it is sad to see a C grade for her, and Atomos who was completely trashed in the forum gets a B. Lets not forget the whole Aegir buff movement that made SG change his special.



Just change the ranking criteria and you’ve got an A. :shushing_face:


Can anyone from the Staff clarify this???

That’s because her probability of a dodge increases by higher damage and higher def will decrease the calculated damage, but that should be no reason to leave her def down. When she’s dead, she won’t dodge at all.


What a team of some of the most experienced players grade a hero SHOULD have SOME impact on your choices moving your team forward because it’s an incredibly useful resource from people who take their responsibility to get it right seriously.


What @Olmor says. Her def will still be low enough to ensure serious damage done by snipers.

I’m still taking my Maggie up, she’s saved me many times already even at only second tier. Very nice with extra greens to stack for war too (wouldn’t ever put her on def myself though). But then again, I have a maxed Elk I’m quite fond of and might actually consider Leo for darts…

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It’s not omniscience that’s important here, it’s experience. And they have that.

Use the tool or don’t, But the tool a group of very experienced players spend time and energy creating and that they create FOR FREE and give to the community FOR FREE shouldn’t be denigrated simply because you don’t like their findings.


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