🔵 [Mar 22, 2020] Trials of Serenity Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Yes, that’s pretty much how I am for most of the trials but I’m still up and coming and I do have some potential for the future rounds.

Right now it’s a matter of how much I want to risk my 20 WE and my precious items for a few emblems. It might make more sense to save them up for Valhalla.


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Did a double take when it wasn’t @zephyr1, maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention lately. Thanks @Guvnor!

My results:

This is a fun Trials but back to sleep now!


Yeah taking over a little bit of the forum load from Z while RL is hectic for him w.r.t. Covid-19 stuff.

Hopefully the content quality remains the same


Easy :slight_smile:


Telluria, Lianna, Buddy, Triton, Mireweave.

No items required :slight_smile:
Minions plus boosted HoT and plenty of firepower - no sweat.


Thanks to Aegir’s defense buffs, was able to do this with only mana potions and a revive scroll for Triton. this is making me much more confident to attempt trials without nuking bosses


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Triton out,… Telluria 3.62 join, finally helaer in this Trial :ambulance: :muscle:
Did not mention bomb is only 3x, but not big deal.

On Bench

Screenshot at Mar 22 20-36-58

The Battle

Great start, with decent board.

Very nice with HoT and minions, have a little trouble with puzzle, ended with Buddy died. Used 10x minor heal and 2x bombs.

Emblem both keep stock inventory.
Trainer goes to Mirewave.


sonya-triton-crigard-telluria-chao my best formation for this trial.

emblem reset : NO
paladin : for telluria
ranger : keep for 5*


This isn’t the same team I started with but the mobs were green from memory and I was playing safe. It was surprisingly unchallenging. I did use some large mana pots, but that was before I swapped in (I must be an alcoholic or something because memory of me plugging through S2 earlier). It opened with a +18 Berden for #1, and then the second Sonya got a run because Berden, as you might expect, became a victim of the Bosses who one hit destroyed him.
EDIT: apparently my capacity for stupidity is limitless.
Take 2: (it was right there!)


My team this time:

  • Thorne 4^80
  • Tiburtus +20
  • Sonya +20
  • Buddy +14
  • Cyprian +11

No changes from last time; Buddy is up 3 talents, and Cyprian is up 5.

Mob waves are a cinch, since Tiburtus, Buddy, and Thorne all hit three, which is the typical number of moblings. Just have to be careful to get recharged before the bosses, which I did. Fired everything right into Lianna and went to work. Problem is, it doesn’t take long to burn through healing potions with bosses that hit this hard, especially after Buddy’s attack down wears off. Tiburtus went down on a Lianna special. I was able to get Richard and Lianna to pretty low health before running out of healing potions - helped that Richard got 2/3 of his special riposted - but after the potions were gone, my folks started dropping like flies. Richard went down on a single dragon attack, and I hung tough a little longer against Lianna and Chao before taking down Lianna with a bomb attack. Down to just Thorne, I think I could have gotten Chao on tile damage, but I wasn’t sure if I could stand another special from him, so I burned another bomb and took the loot.

Both Cyprian and Buddy fall short of their next talents. Trainer hero goes to Vela, who is almost maxed. (Man, you folks that underestimated her have got to be feeling bad about now!) Help is on the way for this crew, as the Dapper Noble (not to be confused with the Noble Weasel, who is pretty lacking in the dapper department) is waiting in the wings, but first there is the business of maxing Proteus.


F2P team made it through but used
3 Dragon attacks
10 healing pots
5 potent healing potions
3 mana potions

Justice 2/60 Tiburtus© Sonya© Cyphrian Gunnar(20)


Same team as last time
Tibs, Frida, Justice, Richard, Buddy

As healing was my only issue I used a few small, medium health pots. The boards were not kind during the boss fight and I was left with Justice and Buddy still standing at the end.

Mireweave ate the trainer. I’m liking her more than I thought, minus her chewing with her mouth open.


Are you sure that’s the right team? You’ve got two fighters and a cleric in a trials that only allows paladins and rangers…


I just was just thinking something almost exactl/y like that and was; that’s just nuts! I’m thinking: the damned “NO healer team!!”. I have it now! Sonya, Tiburtus, Falcon, a 3:60 Sonya and a 3:60 Chao. Bless you for being polite😂


I brought in a severely underleveled Telluria for Dapper Rigs. I brought revive scrolls just in case. I was also able to put one more emblem rank on Athena after the second stage.

  • On the bench: Arthur, Falcon, Sonya #1 and #2, Cyprian, Frida 3.70, Evelyn, Triton, Buddy #1 and #2, Jack, Chao, Juggalo Tibs, Mireweave, and Dapper Rigs

I had several mobs tag Telluria on the way through the yard trash, but she took them like a champ. I got to the bosses with everyone ready except QoH (and a couple of diamonds to boot).

I went after Richard first. I unleashed the specials and dropped the tiles. Telluria’s mana debuff was aces. Lianna sent him home packing before he could fire his special.

Chao took a poke at the Queen and she dismissed him with a wave of her hand. He was the only boss to get off a special. Tiles and Lianna finished him off.

And then there was one. Trainer to…Telluria, I guess, I am not working on any 4* or 5* blues. Now that Athena’s attack is maxed, I need to decide if that 19th rank is worth it. Paladin emblems are held for Telluria.


Same team as last! Wasn’t fun! Haha.
Used 2 axe 2 dragon majority of health only cyprian Sonya n triton at the end!

All emblems in storage and trainer to Athena woop!:smiley:


Trained Telly, emblemed HuTao and used some mini mana pots to finish the bosses from half to death on a single turn:


Off topic that aj styles roh theme involved in that song?

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Sorry, I don’t understand.
The original is from Brad Sucks.
The one from clip is a trance rmx.

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Excellent, as always :grin: thank you so much for all the effort you put in


And I have finished the final stage with this setup. End up with two mana bottles left.


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