📯 Map Teams, Strategy, Gameplay & Feedback – Season 3 (Valhalla)

Alfrike is rather easy even on hard since, for some reason, her cubes reduce HP only by 8, and HP reduction is the most dangerous part of her attack imho. I also took Miki against her who 1) can silence her and 2) is immune to Mindless, so if he gets hit by cube it does not matter. The rest of my team was Vela, Heimdall, Sif and C-Vivica.

On the other hand the rest of Alfheim forest is incredibly annoying on hard, especially when you trigger burning or poison runes and multiple enemies trigger their bonuses. Some bosses can heal 300+ HP this way, and if the bonus triggers for flanks than it means potentially 600-900 HP healed. Ugh.


Very nice on E&P’s part to expand on the lore, caught me off guard. So this means that elkanen and kadilen were originally from Valhalla, how did they end up in the S1 realm? Wished they were given cut scene roles because of this

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Is it possible to finish S3 with 4* heroes only? Or will I need legendary heroes?
I think that I can beat all Atlantis stages on hard difficulty (including Ursena) with 4* heroes only, but I’m not sure if this is possible in S3. What do you think?

Could possibly become a hard nut, but maybe will be doable with high talented epics, too.

Let us know if it will be possible.

I expect a blue boss that will reflect green, but could also be a dark one in traditional fashion of S1 and S2.

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I am running normal mode with 4* only but some of them are highly emblemed. It is doable.

Haven’t tried in hard mode…think you will need high battle items at least.

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I would include Gullinbursti if possible for overheal. Otherwise I have a hard time on hard even with 5* but I am using as little items as possible.

Gullinbursti, buddy, Brynhild, hansel, gretel

Does anyone have any details on what Surtur’s special is for stage 28-10? I found a few videos by googling but either people don’t look at his special (why take on a new boss without knowing what they do) or when they do it wasn’t in English.

These are the skills of Surtur in both stages.

Hope it’s useful.

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