🏰 Ludwig – 5* Dark / Purple from Clash of Knights

@Totogiungle You made amazing points, here’s the issue in my opinion. Paired with other wolves, the buffs become undispellable. Have you ever played against him with the max family bonus? If you have guardian chameleon or guardian gazelle then you have a counter. Not sure who else dispels the undispellable. But not many heroes can do that and not everyone has them. So for a lot of people, they just don’t even have the tools to deal with it.

If you pair Ludwig with xnolphod, he becomes fast. I’ve been playing with this since I got him, it’s unbelievable how fast he is with that mana boost from xnol. Clearly that’s more reliable on offense as they will gain mana evenly. But my bottom line, when paired with the right heroes, he’s one of the absolute strongest heroes in the game next to Ruby. He’s not broken, if he couldn’t be beat he would be broken. But he is STRONG!

Here’s something else I noticed about the buffs becoming undispellable. As I kept firing and overwriting the previous buff, some of the new buffs became undispellable and overwrote the other buffs. So what I’m saying is, after the wolves fire 5-6 times, I’ve seen every single buff become undispellable. It’s a lot to explain but I’m sure you understand what I’m saying here.

Now I’ll also mention I almost never see a defense with all three wolves in it. So I’m assuming people don’t come across it often, but it is very much worth mentioning.


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Exactly. It’s the undispellable part that is the OP part. If the taunt is undispellable and the mana gains are undispellable there is basically nothing you can do. The answer isn’t just “get better you suck”. There is quite literally nothing you can do with Wolfgang and Quenell flanks blasting you multiple times over a few turns.

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The “easiest” way to beat Ludwig on defense with full family bonus is mist.
Relative easy obtainable as a 4*, strong color so she works in a stack and the best it doesn’t matter if Ludwig casts his buffs undispellable or not he just don’t get anything.

Pair that with 2 other strong hitting yellow and probably an off color dispeller if you don’t get yellow stones and that works just fine most of the time.
And maybe some riposte hero if aggressive heroes stand beside Ludwig and if you can’t block him and can’t dispel him let those neighbors suicide themselves…


Yes, riposte heroes are the key when you cannot dispel the bufs because they are undispellable, because ludwig is slow and the flanks charge two or three turns after him, so you have time to set your riposte hero and let them suicide.

Yeah I dunno
I go after him and heimdall they make great tile dumps

When will the animation bug be fixed? Nothing about it in the upcoming update…


This hero broke the game alfrike xenolphop fast mana war not funny at all

On paper, Ludwig has a really good special. But I think it’s different in practice. I asked my alliance mates “when facing Ludwig, how often does his special run the full course or even just longer than 1 or 2 turns”, and the answer overwhelmingly was “rarely”.

Ludwig’s special is insanely good against players that don’t have any counters. But the problem is his efficacy drops tremendously if he is facing one of the many counters. It’s almost like an “all or nothing proposition” in terms of if he has any value or not.

As many have pointed out, mist is an obvious example of a relatively accessible counter that completely neutralizes Ludwig. Because he is slow and mist is fast, chances are good mist can be timed to fire before Ludwig. And mist is not the only 4 star hero that can block buffs. And although the 5 star counters are obviously harder to get, there is a growing number of them (c-guardian panther, Hypnos, onyx, etc) especially with the pace SGG is releasing heroes.

So yes, there will always be a group of “people without a Ludwig counter”, even if the group of “players that have a counter” continues to grow.

But guess which type of player is more likely to target a Ludwig defense in war…

@Hu23 I think on offense paired with xnolphod there’s no question, he’s one of the best heroes in the game. On defense, I tend to agree with you. My biggest issue with him is that if he goes off, you have to kill/dispel him and then dispel his flanks. I take the hatter and C kong. But it’s still risky. Add mother north and it can become a nightmare. So yes, he can be countered, it just takes more effort and can slow you down. I think he’s decent on defense depending on formation. He really shines on offense with that 20% mana gain from xnol he fires in 9 tiles.

Yes I was mostly speaking about Ludwig on defense. It is a different story for him on offense and PVE, where I agree he is really useful.

i had a testrun in alliance war with a very uncommon combination 2 weeks ago, just for fun.

Ludwig, Wolfgang, Ludwig, Vivica, Ludwig. (all Heroes LB + 20 Emblems)

The enemy had hard times to get them down.
I realized that in several cases the time run out.
So this may be another way to annoy enemy attacks with ludwigs, as far as you own several of him :wink:
Of course you could use 3x Mist if you have 3 of her, bu in the end you also need strong attackers to kill ludwigs.

I have two Ludwig’s and I’ve seen some nasty combos with that. Just deciding weather to give the second one tabbards. Sounds painful lol!

I also have 2 Ludwig’s, but I’m debating ascending the second. I came here to see if it would be useful and Thinking that possibly in W Formation, you know,2 front, 3 in back.

Mother North, Ludwig, Quenell, Ludwig, Khufu

Thoughts? It’s only level 2 undispellable. I’ve tried with Ferant but it didn’t work well.

I saw a formation with costumed Ariel and Mother North, and no matter what I did, I could not control Ariel boosting health and increasing mana for MN, who kept Ressurecting Ludwig. I failed to dispell properly but this formation was nearly impossible for me…

It’s consuming my thoughts on what I should have done differently. Now I think I should emulate this formation, because if it affects me this much, it would likely be hell for others as well.

Any good double Ludwig combinations that are creative or something most people might not think of?