Lost Members to "Real Life", Need New Faces!

Hey Forum Friends,

I know the recruitment process is tiresome and tedious, but our long-standing alliance “An Alliance to Remember” has recently lost some of our die-hard’s due to “real life issues” and overall game fatigue (and you all know how it goes, once one person leaves it can be a domino effect).

We’re currently down to 20 members and we’re looking for active players (obviously) with some experience. We’re a mixed bag … many based in the US, but some international (all English-speaking). Most important stat is that many of us have been with this alliance for well over a year or more now. We’re very dedicated to one another, and we’re a friendly and silly bunch (adults). We had been taking down 8 star titans with regularity until our recent exodus, so now we’re downgraded to 7-Stars but I know can get back up there with some fresh members. War is optional, however if you’re in, we expect you to use all 6 flags (and recurrent offenders get the boot).

All we ask is that you be level 30 or higher, sign in regularly, keep up with the titans, and keep communication lines open. Please consider us. You’ll feel like family in no time.

Check us out at “An Alliance to Remember” or find me via Line ID: “lukekfromnj”.

Thanks for your consideration. Wishing you all the best.


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