Any 10-Member alliance looking to join with our alliance? Fun, supportive, mid-range (lvl 40-60+) teams

We have 10 (could stretch to a few more) spots and are looking for another alliance who wants to get to “full strength”!

We got stuck on opening the legendary round for the last alliance quest. We have ~15 reliable daily members, and the vibe on chat is supportive, helpful and makes for a great team to be a part of!

Team dynamics are important! We don’t require war participation, but if you sign up for it, it’s expected you use all your flags. Titans are encouraged, but we’re pretty chill with that. Teams are generally in the 3800-4700 range with a couple below that, and most are building pretty steadily.

If this sounds like a good alliance, let’s talk!

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name of your alliance ? Check Hamnation they have a great leader,

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Interested in this!!! Come and check us!

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We’re Forsaken Ones; come take a look! Yes, I’ll check out Hamnation as well :+1:


Hey again, yes, I’ve taken a look at your team, and it seems like a good Alliance! If your team is interested in this, let’s talk!

I’m using a PC version of this forum, and I haven’t found an online chat, so I wasn’t able to follow up. But very open to talking more in whatever way we can connect :+1:

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I am the leader of HamNation and we currently have 13 members. We did unlock legendary (almost top 10k too). We are looking for someone to merge into us so if that interests you you can message me on line, also bub102x there.


Hogwarts Castle here. We are looking to bring people in. Either individually or through a merge. We currently have 17/30. If anyone is interested in a merge feel free to PM me. Or TahoWF of Line.

I talking about Line! The app! Install it on your phone or PC (don’t know if it is) and follow the steps i wrote in my message!:hugs::hugs::hugs:
I think is freak to discuss right here in forum so we should discuss in private! If you can’t make it say your app for chat and we will install it and will solve this issue!

Line is an app! ok, loaded it on my phone and sent msg to Angell. Waiting to hear back :+1:

Rats in the cellar is also looking for a small alliance to merge with.

Hi guys, if you are looking for an active, no-drama alliance, check out Asher heroes [TFG]. We used to have 20+ members, but some things happened to our players and they weren’t active anymore, so right now we have 12 members, all active, lvl 40-70, and we are trying to bring in more players and get stronger. We are also part of international family TFG and our members are from all around the world.

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