Line and Discord

Bear with me. And try not to make me feel like I am an Ancient… :sweat_smile:

I didn´t ‘grow up’ with Discord, but it´s been my preferred platform for online gaming communication throughout the years.

I am still looking to find that Alliance, that I can call my forever home, but I see Line as a requirement mentioned in many places, and Discord is more and more ‘faded out’ - is the feeling I get, at least.

Gamers of Empires and Puzzles - how do you communicate outside the game, and why?

I´m new to Line, and haven´t got it yet; I do prefer to keep things simple, and would naturally prefer that communication took place inside the game, or on Discord, since I am already active there when playing other games and in the other communities I am in.

I look forward to hear your experience, thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


I have Discord and Line and have in one alliance used Facebook and in another Telegram.
My preference is to go with Discord and or Line

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Line is very similar to WhatsApp.

I think it is more intuitive and less complex than Discord.

Discord had a lot of good functionality but I think the simplicity of Line suits more alliances.


I consider myself ancient too and only had Whatsapp before playing this game. After finding a great alliance I started using Line, even though it wasn’t required, and like how user friendly it is.

Though I only use Line to talk to E&P players, it has made things more convenient to do so.


I tried Line with my ancien alliance (requirement) and for managing the discord server for my actual alliance I think discord is a way better option for alliances that want to be more organised.

Yes it is a little bit less intituive but once you used to it, you have so many way to organise the discutions. Roles with differents access you can give to yours members, bots that can give informations with differents commands… for us, to be able to organise multiples tutorials that can be Easily consulted by anyone.
(I could invit you but it’s a french alliance tho).


Discord is like an IKEA. Good luck finding anything.

Line is like McDonalds. You are constantly having to clean out your car (device) of wrappers & cups (data).

Facebook is like a Denny’s menu. Full of pics.

My Alliance uses Line & Facebook… because we’re a little long in the tooth. For those who don’t know what that means… it means we’re probably older than you.


I much prefer Line when sharing videos. Straightforward when doing War Chat. Discord has file sharing limits for which you need to pay a premium to bypass, or upload first to a third party site like YouTube.


I had never heard of Line before I started playing this game, and to this day it’s the only thing I use Line for. I don’t know why there’s such a connection with this game but it’s no biggie.


Only when I started playing E&P did I ever hear about Line & Discord. I find both have are great for communication outside of the game, although find Discord more organised.

There are still a number of alliances that primarily use Discord too. Here’s a plug for one of my alliances that may suit you in this regard. This is us.


I heard of discord long before play E&P, Line only after joining an alliance.

Line shoves everything is into a single channel, lots of searching and yes it has DM, the biggest thing it has a separate channel only you can see and pretty much anything can be saved to.

Discord can separate topics better but you still have to search for what you want in each channel. We give each member their own channel, though not private like in Line. And of course Discord has DM.

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I haven’t heard of Discord or Line even before I played E&P. When I took the reins of leader of the new alliance a compatriot just created after we broke from an old alliance with inactive leaders, a recently promoted Czech player from told us about Line. I noticed then that Line is like a platform for people with something in common to have a group chat, say an alliance or a guild or a group in an office or class or anything involving a group of people. You can discuss topics on the group chat and you can directly message anyone privately from that group, as long as he/she has already been added by you as a friend or as a reply. This app is so simple to use that anyone in your phone’s contact list can be messaged if they also have downloaded the app. All it costs using this app is the mobile internet or an accessible wifi service.


Line, I have been using way long before this game, got to know about discord in this game and I found discord less simplified than line, in all I’m usually more reluctant to join alliances that made either of them mandatory.

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Well, even if our alliance has a Line group chat, we don’t require our members to download it. Currently, there are only 7 members who don’t have Line app but I only have one member I cannot directly or indirectly message whenever I need them for titan or war hits or cleanup. Some of them I message directly using SMS since they live in the same country as I do. However, I encourage new members to join and use Wise Goat bot in our chat group as an incentive for them to download the app and join the Line chat group.


My group runs a great discord server, I think some use line also but I never bothered and it isn’t required

We just use discord for chat, info on the game, and off topic idiosy like memes and such. Works for me!

This one (Shadow Lurkers) is my forever home, hope you find yours

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We always used Line in our alliance, which I found easy enough to use, even as an older gamer and not an overly tech savvy one at that.

The downside of any external chat app, in my opinion is that cliques can form within the alliance. Mutinys can be, and have been, easily organised on them too.

I think the pros outweigh the cons though and they are a useful tool.


Never heard of Line or Discord before E&P. We use Line in the Northern Family. I have never tried discord, but i love the outside app so that you can have a private chat qith people, especially new recruits without having them actively joining your alliance first. Can also quickly see screen shots of anything important that needs to be shared.
In game chat is clunky and only holds so many past conversation posts. So things can quickly get lost. Especially if you are trying to communicate a topic that’s important. (Although i started playing before the featured message)


My alliance’s original members are all people I know IRL and/or people that those people know IRL. I haz their phone numbers and can text their lazy butts at 3 a.m. to hit a titan if I have to. :laughing:

Usually we just make plans beforehand so that I’m not waking them up or anything, though. :grin:

I do also have Discord now, but I don’t really do any alliance discussions through it. Only a few of my alliance members have Discord, and they don’t seem to use it much anyway. Mostly just use alliance chat to communicate with those whose personal numbers I don’t have.

Probably better that way, because most of the rest are in different time zones and I think they’d get a bit annoyed if I was constantly sending them personal messages about stupid game stuffs…


Thank you so much for all your helpful and insightful responses. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I can hear each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, and I too never heard of Line before I started playing E&P! Opening up new horizons every day, eh. I guess I am a fan of Discord because of the structure it offers. But time will tell! :slight_smile:


Haha, that had me in tears :joy:


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