Life Hacks - Undocumented Functionality 🤖

9-1 has fewer monsters and fewer Recruits.


Tap on the mask icon on the costume ascension screen to see the next permanent bonus from costumes


I do the opposite since I found I tend to mash right to left. Figured this out by realizing I kept firing Grimm AFTER Richard :man_facepalming:.


This may or may not be a hack but did you know that Titans count towards elemental chests?

I was LITERALLY sitting on 149/150 green monsters waiting for my energy to refill to farm 7-5 when our alliance beat a green titan then I got pushed up to 150

Crazy lol


Tip 1: You can collect from your watchtower while it’s upgrading, unlike farms and mines.

Tip 2: If you are close to leveling up but will have remaining world energy, you can use loot tickets to use up the WE that would be lost.


You are 100 xp away from a level up and you have 18 WE. Instead of playing, say, 8-7 once (using 3 WE) and having 15 WE left over-which will be lost when you level up-use 6 loot tickets on 8-7 (18 WE) and collect the goods for 6 runs.


I was going through my old videos and screenshots last night and came across a video capture I did specifically to report this as a bug. The Collect option doesn’t even show up, but like you said, it can be done.

Brilliant! I never really knew what criteria this button used.


Note that “Find Opponent” will only consider full teams. When we had a new member recently with a 2600 team it tried to match him against a 4200 team rather than a half dead 3500 one.


Good to know. I’m fortunate to have a strong bench that doesn’t do much cleanup anymore, but that will be important to know when passing on the tip!

I dont get it, could you explain how ?

I think they are talking about war.

Personally I would recommend never to use the find opponent button in war. Instead inspect every team and choose the best matchup for yourself. That button is a trap imo


My most used features:

  1. In Battle You can select a target for your sniper heros. Just short click/tap on an enemy to select it as target. (some from my alliance didn’t know this)

This is the most usefull imo:

  1. In battle: Click/tap and hold on an enemy - this will display remaining life, remaining buff/debuff round timer and on enemy heros also display attack and defense stat!
    Also displays stats of your own heros.

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Fixed it for you :blush:
Needed a line break before the 2


A strategy I find to be useful is milking World Energy so it doesn’t go to waste when you’re sitting on full Raid and Titan Energy and you are either waiting for a new titan to spawn or for a Raid Chest to come available (and you don’t have the gems to expedite the chest).

I find it’s always a good strategy to collect cheap feeders of heroes and troops and crafting items, iron, and food even if it’s in Stage 1 of Plains of Corellia to optimize World Energy usage while I wait to blister that next titan for instead of 3 Attacks, I get 6 Attacks. And same for Raid Energy.

Here, you can see I milked it as far as I could go…


Sorry, @JonahTheBard. I tried searching for a relatable topic, and all I ran into was leveling heroes, but not the player. Thanks for putting this in an appropriate topic.

No problem

@Suicide_Bunny wrote about timing levels above also in post #20, but with less emphasis on titans

Life Hack #671

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Damn it! I’m out of Likes! Oh, wait! I have one right here!


I prefer to use loot tickets when I’m about to level up. See above.

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Change the color of your ViP dragon. It was just posted in another thread:

I always thought that you only get the dark one for the one year ViP.


In my experience you have to have more than 30 days remaining on VIP. I say this because I always turn my dragon purple when I can, but then in the past I would lose the ability to do so for some reason. I finally connected the dots when I bought VIP early when it was on sale last and pushed my VIP out past 30 days for the first time in a while. That’s when the purple dragon showed up for me again, so I think that is the trigger.


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