Lianna or Lianna costume?

Hello! I need your help! who is better for you lianna or lianna costume? Because lianna costume has the lowest damage attack special but more attack points and lianna has less attack points but more damage the special attack. because I want to see which path of emblems to follow.
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The Liana costume had a useful mana-slowing effect like Alasie, so you might prefer that for enemies you don’t want to charge.

But you have to level Lianna to fully use the costume, si if it’s a question of which to max, you have to do the original first.


another way to read Jonah’s reply is to use both depending on the situation! both are awesome


Yes, very concise :grin:, thanks


Both are great. But say if u have telly. Then go for it unequipped cause telly does the mana generation on everyone.


Here is my take on the costumes:

Regarding Costume Lianna specifically:

as an update Since then I have been using:

  • Costume version: most raids, all blue titans, events & Class Trials
  • Normal version: raids & wars

Either way you want to max both so that even unequipped Lianna gets the costume bonus.

Edit: also for emblems, as a sniper I would go attack for her.

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Maybe just play around with both before deciding on which path you’re going to take. See who you use more… or map out both and see just how different they’d be.


She is cute in the costume. Heck, I am still mad they put panties on Zeline. She still looks like she knows how to party :rofl:


Exactly. We can calculate the maxed a/d/h from the emblem path and choose which one suit our playing style the most.
The common practice is we equipped the sniper with the best possible weapon so attack path make sense.
Some gamers used 2 layer healers. In this case, going d/h way to make the hero last longer is more viable.

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By the way… welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


If you get lianna to level 4 can level the costume up to 4-80 quickly.


How about as far as offense vs defense goes? I’m assuming costume would be better on offense and non costume for defense? Thoughts? I was thinking because her health takes such a big hit and her normal attack is much higher, the costume wouldn’t be beneficial on defense…

I have her with both versions maxed. I don’t use her costume version as it has low attack and skill damage skill multiplier. Lianna is good for one thing. Dealing the most damage to a single target in a single turn. I plan to ascend my second Lianna with both versions at 3/70 so that I can bring both of them against blue titans, one of which on her costume for the titan to decrease mana regen. The costume version may also be useful against certain quests where the boss have devastating skill damage. But overall, I like the original version with max costume bonus.


Hello all, I am currently at a little crossroads. I have lianna maxed and almost finished with costume lianna. I currently have 1 emblem on lianna and not sure the route to go. I am looking to go attack/def route on either one but not sure who to prioritize. Based on the ranger/cleric it seems once I emblem one with attack, the other will be health/def for the most part. I will be using her on my defense for the time being until I can replace her with a fire hero to make my defense rainbow. Thoughts on which one is preferable? Pre- thanks for the feedback!

IMO cLianna is better, her damage is little weaker but mana debuff is worth it

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If she’s going on your defense team, I recommend going the full attack route for normal Lianna… She’ll be a top sniper, which is her job. The mana down side will still be fantastic on attack, when you can target a hero specifically w/ the debuff. On def, however, hitting hard and killing a hero is priority.

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As you can see, I took regular lianna down the defense and health path. The costume version got a nice attack boost on top of the already high stat and only her health took a hit. I’m happy with my decision but you can compare and see what you would like to do. Most will tell you to concentrate on attack because that’s what she’s for. But I’m of the opinion that keeping her alive is more important.

Also I believe there is already a thread concerning this @Guvnor if you would like to merge.


Done :slight_smile:

I also agree that cLianna is better by a bit, despite her slightly lower damage she comes with a useful mana debuff. With emblems in play, it is hardly necessary to hit for top damage as one-shotting enemies is extremely rare now.

I’m not sure about Challenge Events though and whether it’ll make a difference there (my guess is it shouldn’t though, if you have Evelyn/Almur + Buddy most things should die quickly there).


Thanks for the replies! Seems my decision is swaying towards focusing on costume lianna as she seems to be just a little more versatile while still doing great damage. Thanks for posting the emblem charts/pic of the difference. that high attack stat is very attractive for titan attacks on the costume version.

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