Launching the Zynga Store: More Gems, Same Price! 💎

Dear Community:

Hope you’ve all been enjoying your foray through the Dunes! We’ve lined up some really interesting adventures for the coming months — Legends of Kalevala is just the beginning — and we hope you’re looking forward to those new events as much as we are.

Today we’re officially launching the Zynga Store, a new marketplace option for Empires & Puzzles that will allow us to provide Gem deals of better value for our players. If you buy Gems from time to time, using the Zynga Store should be a no-brainer; purchases here will net you more Gems for the same price.

Before you head off to shop, please be aware of the following:

  • Currency conversion should be handled smoothly through the payment service provider of your choice (Stripe and Paypal are currently available). Please note that Stripe currently does not support users located in Ukraine.
  • Purchases made in the Zynga Store should appear in your game almost immediately. In some rare instances, restarting the game may be required.
  • All payments are handled by the payment service provider of your choice. Neither Zynga nor Small Giant Games stores the card information you provide at checkout. If you run into any issues during checkout, please visit Stripe Support or Paypal Support.
  • If you encounter issues with any other part of the purchase process or with the Zynga Store itself, please submit a support ticket through the app (“Options” → “Support”). Any post-purchase issues should also be reported through the in-app support system.

Please also rest assured that the addition of the Zynga Store will not affect gameplay in any way whatsoever — after all, “100 Gems” are “100 Gems” regardless of whether they’ve been processed through the App Store or Google Play.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. Best of luck in the battles!