Krampus the new Telly, will it happen again? the Trust game

Full disclosure: I didn’t see SG nerfing Krampus, since he is a seasonal hero. I still don’t think it will happen. Krampus is good, but BK is better.

However, now with Odin and Frigg getting nerfed, shows that even S3 is not immune to nerf.

I’d be wary of Ninja heroes potentially getting nerfed now. After more players have spent $$$ trying to get them…

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SG is not game anymore its purely BS business :-1:t2: LOST INTREST PLAYING

Highly unlikely as Krampus is a Xmas special in comparison to Telly who was a HotM, just the number of people who managed to get Krampus would be considerably lower than those who picked up Telly, the numbers just wouldn’t equate but I never say never sgg seem to know how to throw a spanner in the works at the most inappropriate time


Krampus flanked with Frigg and Odin is the new meta but Krampus with any other is much easier to deal with, compared to TGV combo.
Frigg and Odin was slightly nerfed recently but I predict no changes in Krampus as he is just another weaker BK in blue. At least QOH inflict some damages.

as already mentioned BK is stronger and a better tank than Krampus and he’s been out a long time without nerfs

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