Krampus the new Telly, will it happen again? the Trust game

i am worried that Krampus will be nerfed like Vela and Telly.

he is outstanding and OP compare to his fellow 5* winter comrades.

how many of you are worried about spending so that SG can nerf him soon enough?

i really have lost faith

i stripped emblems from Vela and Telly because they became so poorly tweaked. now i see similarities in Krampus except he is not a Hotm, so maybe they think twice bur still, i have to let it out there: trusting SG is shaky.

Do you trust they will not nerf him?
Do you trust in the powercreep that is happening?
Do you trust the game with your money?

I’m wracking my brains, trying to think of a non-hotm that has been significantly nerfed?

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If Krampus becomes an agreed Tank that can hold top players on their positions and if he takes over Diamond: Maybe a nerf but i see low possibility.
If Krampus will become the meta and drop the pull ratio’s for new hero’s: Immediate Massacare…


He is much much weaker than first version of Telly, he is very similar to BK (probably a bit worse) so if they nerf him and leave BK as he is it will be stupid (I don’t want to nerf BK and I don’t have him)

Just take 2 dispellers (he is blue so Caedmon/Mel are easy to get) and he won’t be really dangerous. Telly was beacause of heal/minion/mana slowing combo


His stats are good and he’s bulky but people are overestimating him as tank.

He doesn’t do anything to hurt you or slow you down in terms of mana. BK is a better version of him as the attack increase gets very big and the changlce to reduce damage to 1 is better than a Def boost.

He will do well on defences with GM, Odin, Frigg etc but basically any tank will do well with that supporting cast!

He will be the best blue tank but just another option as a top tier tank, not THE ONLY option like v1 telly was. I see it as positive that there are more and more options


Guinevere was nerfed once. I think Boldtusk was as well, way back in the beginning. You’re right though. The list is short.


I believe she was nerfed 4x in total. Definitely more than once tho.


a solid tank but he won’t be another telluria even if everyone has him because he doesn’t slow the attacking team AND damage them AND Supports his entire team like telluria does. he only does 1 of the 3 and does it very well.

what makes him annoying is the undispellable defense buff other than that, he will keep losing HP til he dies


I believe they nerfed roc.

I’ve only fought him a couple of times, but no, he is definitely not the new Telluria.

He is good, BK good, but that’s it.

So no, he is not going to be nerfed, which I celebrate (even tho I don’t have him, and hardly doubt I ever will).

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Nope, cause he’s hidden behind a big paywall, he’s avalaible once a year during about 35 days with very low odds.


He won’t be nearly as prevalent as Telly, as a HOTM is far easier to pull than a specific hero. I don’t think you’ll see a nerf.


If iam right, Roc was nerfed during his beta, not after he went live.


He’s pretty rare, unlikely telly who was handed out to every man and their dog


Do you know how was her special and her stats before her nerfs ?

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There’s no need to nerf balanced hero.

Krampus is worse than BK and is going to be rarer than him. BK did not break the game.

They only nerfed Telly because the game was unplayable with her around due to the -mana generation & cruel synergy with Vela, combo that did not have as effective alternatives and was used by pretty much everyone, causing staleness to the game.


I don’t, unfortunately. It was before my time. :open_mouth:

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My money’s on Gefjon for the next nerf. Unless you have a defense boost or hit her with an attack dropper, no one can survive her special.

But given that this is SGG, they’ll probably just nerf Vela again.


I see no nerf. However i view him as much better than BK and current Telli. His def becomes almost 2300 after special, and he will protect all other hero from minim killers. You have to clean for the taunt but def will stay, like all other tanks great flank support is needed.

I don’t see them nerfing someone they still make money on.

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