Krampus the new Telly, will it happen again? the Trust game

He is really good on offense that +50% atk boost and taunt can turn a battle around in 3 turns

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With the new villain and S4 heroes coming out, Krampus and even Original Telly would be slightly underpowered. So don’t think any way they nerf Krampus

Curious… which of these new heroes shown so far is a better tank then krampus or original Tell? I get that the stats are out of line for folks but last I checked, what the specials do, still matter on defense.

Nerfs are a common topic.

When all the defenses are the same…
then it is a valid topic.

I doubt he’ll be nerfed look at BK Finley jabber white rabbit etc all event heros never been touched why because they’re available all year round and the odds are very low meaning more $ spent,

telly and vela are now only available (vela anyway) in s2 features and since that’s alot less common then an event coming every 5 months that means keep the event heros as is to bring in $ and if previous hotm is too strong well its now done with for most part and probability of being nerfed if OP well probably gonna get the foam football,

Bottom line is what really determines nerf or no nerf

I’ve tried +20 Krampus at tank and flank. I have to agree with what I’ve been hearing from other people that use him that he isn’t anything special on defense, but he is really good on offense.


Krampus is literally a scrawny dude wearing a muscle costume. Visually intimidating until you get up close and personal.

Krampus isn’t too bad from my encounters. The Frigg / Odin combo however makes me consider if I should still play the game.


#1 right now has TWO frigg’s and Odin tanking. If I see only 1 emblemed frigg I skip unless I bring at least 2 reds

just realize shouldnt it time to ascend perseus as he buff aliies defense against nature?

When I protested against Tell and Vel’s nerfs, and demanded to give away tonics and telescopes that were wasted in vain, free lawyers from among the SG fans told me a lot that it was my own fault that I gave them the ascension mats. I should have foreseen that the heroes will be nerfed, because they are strong with a bone.
Apparently yes, in this game, getting a good strong hero also means getting uncertainty and doubts, and the loss of valuable resources.

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People forget (conveniently) that other heroes have been nerfed and that’s lots of other heroes have been buffed.

Balancing should be a constant thing. If a hero is a little weak, give them a nudge up. If a little strong, a nudge back.

Synergies will be found and very strong defences will exist.

For what it’s worth I haven’t seen anything in the Krampus I have faced that concerns me.

Frigg is tough for sure but if you’ve got defenses up and there’s not a lot of green on the board she’s not massively scary. Odin can be a pain though, he’s hammered me a few times. But I’ve hammered him as well…so alls fair. A defense should have some teeth. Not every raid should be a stroll in the park.


Maybe I just don’t have the better flanks, but my maxed & emblemed Krampus isn’t all that great. I’m still getting beat for big cup counts in raids and even sometimes 1-shot in wars. Nerfing Krampus is a laugh.

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Why though? Lianna and C. Sartana are very similar K.O snipers and they aren’t breaking the game.

Agwe lol, since he gives all nature defence

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This is my experience too, although of course we don’t have much evidence to analyze when forming our defense teams. We have to guess what is happening.

I put Kramp behind Tell, and my cups have stabilized about 50 higher than before. Took out Magni +7 so Kramp had a spot. But tomorrow the story might be different. Maybe my opponents have just had bad boards this week.

I read someone say that Kramp is actually an offensive hero disguised as a tank. I think that might be true.

I agree with Krampus being more offensive than def. I tried Telli with Krampus flank and I droped a lot. He is my tank now with GM and Francine flanks and I’m usually a 5/2 win to loose but the lose take more trophies than i gain. He’s a great tank but right now i dont think their is a best only best flanks of Frigg and Odin.

He wont, BK is more powerful as a tank, krampus is not that good considering how many good 5* green hitters exist

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This thread seems to be sufficiently answered (no he won’t most likely), it can probably be closed or merged into the hero discussion

I have three Telluria’s.

So does my dog.

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