Knights of Ni seeking active members

The Knights of Ni are a fun, fanatical group of Titan Killers. We are currently recruiting 1 member. We are historically a top 100 alliance at full strength, usually ranging from 38th to 70th! Come check us out.

Don’t be confused, we are here:


Hi, thinking of moving alliances myself. My trophy count is low (purposely) but best team power is 3450 and could hold 2000 trophies if needed! Only playing a few months but have decent bench of heroes.

Hi Flake, come on over! We are a fun team from Australia to Kansas, and a
ton of in between, good to have you come over. Only rule is (besides the
language decency etc.) is miss 3 out of 5 Titans in a row = out. Look
forward to having you if this seems like a good fit for you. My User name
on there is Spartan 1/16

Sounds great Ken.Thanks a lot. I’ll make the move over shortly.

I actually have to wait until I got the min trophy requirements. I was holding them down real low. Could take a few hours! But I’ll make the move when I can

You guys still have one spot left. I’m a 3600+ team looking for an alliance where everybody attacks. My trophies fluctuate when I’m raiding but I can easily keep them above 2k when needed.

also a HUGE fan of MP and the Holy Grail.


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