☠ Knightmares are recruiting / looking for merger (6 spots open)

Hi @Sang, you will be an excellent fit in our alliance. We are active, friendly and there’s no pressure, easy going, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Find us in game and I’ll let you in, last spot is yours!

Hi @Aramise, we’re also a clan seeking players, this is our recruitment topic. Best of luck to you and your alliance.

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Welcome @MaxRockatansky, we hope you enjoy your stay :sunglasses:

Request sent… 20 characters :wink:

Welcome! We’re currently at capacity.

Hello Tokolosh, And thanks for the news. Well, I got myself in the public chat, recruits and alliances yesterday, the recommendation. To abandon my alliance. Because there are too many alliances that are not strong enough occupied. Thank you very much for your feedback. It’s nice to finally find a connection. You another successful day.

Likewise! Feel free to drop by any time. :grinning:

We’ve just had one spot open up, are you the one for us?

Still one spot open… I can say that our recent members have claimed that this is the best alliance they’ve ever been in… now that’s saying something!

Apply in game now, if you think you have what it takes!

20 character bump…

Still one spot open :slight_smile:

And we’re at capacity again. Thanks everybody.

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We’ve had one spot open up, post here to find out if you might be a good fit for the alliance, or seek us out in game!

Still seeking an active and contributing member to bolster our ranks…

20 character bump…

After some time wasting we’re back up to having one open spot

20 character bump……

We’re still seeking a strong and active player to join us. We’re a good bunch… honest :grinning:

It’s like no man’s land in here. Nobody wants to take that last spot?

Still after somebody to fill our last spot :sweat_smile: