Killhare vs killhare costume?

Im struggling on deciding which side to put emblems on killhare or her costume, i thought the attack down would be easier to manage over the defence down but it seems like people are still chosing the reg side to get defence down on all. What are all your’s thoughts on which is better?

Their damage is nearly the same so its all about choosing debuff. Personally I’m using regular version with JF so I don’t care about def down but even without JF I would still choose regular Killhare. She have better class and I prefer to take more damage than deal less damage.


i don’t have the costume but i always fear when facing reg killhare in the corner since she keeps reviving and can turn the battle tides.

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True, thanks for your input

Thanks for your input

I want to give a different perspective on this. The revive is nice on the fighter side I agree and the JF combo is a great one. My plan is to emblem the costume side and here is my reasoning. Higher special skill damage, emblem cap is a 4% mana boost which means you only need a level 5 mana troop to make effectively fast, and I have Garnet to block the attack down (and can do it in less tiles than JF).

64% like costume Killhare better

I agree due to more damage.


Thank you Ruskin for this valuable information.

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I got costume,i went fighter as mentioned above better class