Killhare or Costumed Quintus?

Hello, whom should I ascend, Killhare or C Quintus? I don’t have JF nor Grazul. My other purples are only Cyprian, Rigard and Tiburtus (without costumes). My attack team regulars are Magni, C Boldtusk, C Melendor, Joon, and I’m slowly maxing C Horghall though I know his not too good but I have 2 sets of tonics and no other 5* green. I see Killhare as an objectively better hero but the problem is that I often rely on buffing my defense (Mel, Magni) and have no fighter emblems (all go to Magni and BT), while I have tons of sorc emblems. Also, at 3^70 I prefer C Quintus to Killhare, probably because her damage at this level doesn’t justify her ailment. Generally, I’m leaning toward Killhare but please help me decide, these tabards are so hard to come by and I don’t want to go wrong here :wink:

If you think horghall is not too good, c quintus isn’t a ton different

Killhare is the one I’d go with out of her or quintus


KH is top hero. Even though you don’t have the perfect set up at the moment ( neither of Grazul, JF ,costume of Tibs, nor emblems) things change and evolve. She is an absolute monster in offense with def down prior that. And an average is much better than slow as at some point with 23lvl mana you are going to charge her at 9 tiles which will never happen with Q.

My 2c


Thanks guys, now I won’t have any doubts.

Space Jam Bunny of course.


Another vote for Killhare. One of the best heroes in the game. Can’t say that about Quintus.


Are you kidding? Chose Killhare. It will save you a ton on mats and food leveling Killhare than leveling original and costume version of Quintus only to net you the same hero of the same hairdo, errr… slow mana hero.

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To be fair, 235% AoE on 800 atk is a world away from 235% AoE on 650 atk.

But not relevant to the decision at all, it’s Killhare by a mile. Even if Quintus was medium, still Killhare.


KH at average speed hits way harder than C Quintus at slow. Wait until you have level 23 mana troops to go with her, better keep a change of pants nearby.

As a max costumed Quintus owner, it only shifted him from “I really regretted doing this” to " “I still hate him but now I don’t think about it all day”. He barely tickles the opposing team.

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The point was they both suck and killhare is better