Just 20 free emblems to start?

So SG decided to release the new emblems and give everyone 20 emblems per class as a start, why so cheap? 20 emblems is not even enough for 1 node on a 4* or 5*. Very few people will be using emblems on a 3*, why not give everyone at least enough for activate one node on a 4* or 5*, so everyone can get to play around with the new feature. Instead SG tease people with this new feature, but can’t let anyone play around with it.


Satisfied much?



Don’t worry, only 1480 to max a 5 star


They didnt start each player with ascension materials. I was surprised we even started with any tokens


If they gave 50, there’d still be a guy posting who wanted 100.


Maybe they want people to look over and plan their classes instead of immediately putting the coins somewhere then coming here complaining about needing respecs because “they didn’t know any better.”


Wow a new feature that takes time and effort in a game where everything takes time and effort :wink: Surprised they didn’t make it easy like they normally do :rofl:

Thanks for the free emblems, I was delighted :slight_smile:


Yeah, I hear you (OP), but add me to the list of people who thought it was a pleasant surprise and a nice gesture to get any emblems with the release — let alone 200 total across the classes, plus a reset emblem.

So for me at least, this is a sincere thanks.


My thanks were sincere too! And I like the time and effort dynamic in the game, keeps it interesting imo. I found the freebies unexpected and most welcome :slight_smile:

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I assumed they were, like you I was expressing thanks in contrast to the OP’s feelings about the emblems given to us. :smiley:

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Would be cool no coins at all, but a single free step for every class on the talent tree just like the first tutorial.

This allow people to immediately see the effects of talents (the rare times it get triggered) and for us mere mortals to see top player first choices :innocent:

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My alt account is almost exclusively 3* heroes (save 2 4*), so I’ve been able to use some emblems on heroes already. It’s fun!

The classes will be good for all levels of players. My alt’s alliance are excited about the classes as a way to improve the lower level heroes while they wait for 4* and 5* to drop.

I don’t mind the grind, and I’m happy for the gift of emblems to start.


Thanks, sG, for the emblems.

But…using 14 wizard emblems on Balthazar in that tutorial sorta took the edge off my good feelings lol

Ok, let me rephrase this, they could of made it so the heroes that are already Max have the new skill, so we can play around with it. You know basically the first node, they could even increase the amount of emblems needed for the rest, just let everyone play with the new feature

Actually that would be wise and better than rolling out a package deal that sells enough to acquire the skills of some heros and then have bug city

Wait, did i say wise? Well now it makes sense why they didn’t do that.

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I would also like to register my complaint about the 20 emblems. In fact I would like to propose that my account get credited with a further 50 emblems so I can properly guage how upset I am.

these kind of comments are what separate the players more than anything in the game. no matter what SG does someone always wants something else for free and can’t ever just be proud to see all of our money being put to good use.

a recently popular game just added and update and it has literally cut its playerbase in half. huge backlash from long term players.

Thanks SG, from all of us in the alliance asguard, for continuing to give us a very entertaining game to play.


Apparently some of you still don’t get it, it is not about asking for free stuff. It is about giving us a taste of the new feature, not make us wait weeks to see how it feels. This is not like acension, where it is all or nothing. They have many many nodes for us to activate, and that is fine. So giving us enough for the first node, so everyone can see experience the new feature would of been great.
Guess it doesn’t matter, I am in beta and already experienced it. Just thought most people would like a taste of the new feature, guess not

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Any crack dealer worth their weight in crack dealing knows you gotta give your junkies a taste.

I, for one, am a little; no, very upset we didn’t get 21 emblems. What SG, you couldn’t spare 1 more emblem?? And if you were going to give us 21, what, you can’t give us 22?

I am fuming I can’t get the link to RC830 from @Garanwyn to post correctly. Ridiculous!


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