June 2021 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Starfall Circus (new challenge event), Sand Empire, Tavern Of Legends, Masquerade, Atlantis Rises, Valhalla Forever, S4: Voyagers Of The Underwild, and Mythic Titan)

With Patch 39 being deployed yesterday has anyone considered that they might try and squeeze in the new event next week and push back the second AR from this month one week into next month?

It’s hard to tell. The V39 release notes say that new Mirages of Omega quests are being added. Although both quests and events happen in the Quests area, they are different. So these Mirages of Omega quests may be like an event, or may be like the rare quests. Could explain why Shrikewood hasn’t shown up yet, but you never know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

with the delay of this event there is one less this month

I think it will be like a Class Quest or Rare Quest (just the interval will be 2 or 4 weeks between occurences). So Atlantis Rises and Mirages of Omega Quest can be in the same time.


Shrikewood up- go get your tonics everyone!


I’m bringing some Gin for those tonics VQ!


I assume Shiloh desert is back in July?


Here’s a guesstimate timeline for next appearances:


Thank you +20characters

Great work as always, zartanis (and the graphic creators), but can we ask to group the stuff logically (i.e., by language)? Thanks.

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Both Hannah and Morel were released, so i expect Aouda and Captain Nemo next

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I guess Summer is early this year :sunglasses: :beach_umbrella:


The SandEmpire schedule needs to be updated on this month’s calendar.

I do not think that they will release two Season 4 heroes next month.
There is not enough S4 heroes tested in Beta for that…
And summer break is approaching…

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Ask and ye shall receive…


@VeryQuietly Have you read somewhere that the limit breaker quests comes tomorrow ? Or you just guessing ?

I wonder if they will feature 2 slow and old costumes in costumes chamber portal again in july. seriously annoying

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Educated assumption that it will appear at 7AM UTC tomorrow. How long it will run or how often… :woman_shrugging: TBD


Ok, thx for the answer :slight_smile:

All three of my calendars have been updated and I have put your updated calendar in the OP, @VeryQuietly.


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