July 2023 Balance Update - Discussion

Please share your thoughts on the latest balance changes!


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Once upon a time I knew all the heroes in the game, now I have no clue :man_shrugging:


Ephyra needs some new skills, not stronger minions. Or her minions needs some skills like giving defense down, counter attack, hp boost…


Thank god Lassalle actually got a buff of some kind. Still not great but better than he was

Carol is the only hero I have who got a buff, and I’m pleased. I use her every Tower event, upper floors, as her bombs explode faster with the shorter status duration. Nice!


I have Anzogh and I’m happy to see his buff, nothing huge but buff is a buff.


As someone who has Thalassa, quite happy to see these changes. May be worth leveling now after all


Reset tokens be available on balance? just like last time


Sad, but true dear Ghost, sad but true…

The other sad part is that the buffs to older heroes, though highly welcomed, are just some kind of inflation bonus. Sadly, far below the inflation rate.


Didn’t they do the same thing with S5 heroes last year where they felt “underwhelming” and buffed them?

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Yay! Clarissa is finally better Gravemaker, now if I can only find a way to travel back to 2020 I can get some good use out of her.


I am glad with all buffs but when they are the proper buffs, Ephyra and Lasalle will still stay 1/1 in most rosters because they don’t get what they need We the players don’t need bigger minions, no matter how HP they will are just food for the minion eaters and in attack (because Ogima and now and Galapago), the players also don’t need and very slow fiend counter, she it’s still fiends counter only in her second charge, Lasalle… it’s Lasalle they just don’t want to fix him and that’s it, at least they give a little much power to Galapago, he didn’t need this but it’s still good.

Yes but the buffs for them was really great, for this heros this buffs again like any others it’s just dust in the eyes.

Looks like the untold tales portal is not generating much revenue for SG lol


Yay! More BS balancing out of the terrible bunch at SG!

Seriously, no clue on who all those heroes are… Even if they were on defense, I’d probably skip them because they are probably paired with a bunch of other difficult heroes. While the buff to Clarissa is minimal, I think it actually brings her close to OG Gravemaker damage (slightly higher direct damage and slightly lower DoT). So I wonder if all of a sudden she’s no longer the worst HoTM (in some people’s opinions), to still be sought after like Gravemaker.

Direct damage increased: 215% → 280%
Heal per damage dealt increased: 20% → 50%

Direct damage increased: 135% → 250%
Poison damage over 2 turns increased: 224 → 300

This is balanced for using today.


Clarissa could be buffed to deal over 500 damage over 2 turns. That would make her up to speed with the bigger DOT heroes

suddenly thalassa became very useful - shes now what she was supposed to be - hathors blue sister
hathor is still stronger because of the mana boost passive but shes nice support now

others still meh

Yeah agree with you, before this buff was 1 of 6 good, after this buff it’s 2 of 6 good, a little bit better, maybe after one year they will fix all of them.