Join us! We are ★KamiKaze★

Hello! :wave:
Looking for new teammates! We are an international alliance with friendly players with whom you can develop your game skills and level up.

:trophy: Active alliance oriented players;
:gear: It is preferable level 30+ with 1600+ trophies;
:boom: Our goal is to play smart and kill all titans;
:boom: War is optional and if you choose to play please make sure to use all 6 flags;
:world_map: The general language is English;
:loudspeaker: Discord channel optional, can be very useful for sharing our game experience;

:fast_forward:: If you are interested to merge 2 alliances can join us for private discussions.

Thank you!:pray:



Shame you put it this way

Because I’m in a very friendly alliance, all over level 30, almost same rules and 19 members (the only differences I see, we do not ask for a specific player level although we are all abode 30, and we use some coordination in war, as well as purple tanks). We may be a fit, but I do no think that my alliance leaders (I’m an elder) would want to disband the alliance to merge. We are Berserker Lurkers and we use line to coordinate. If you want to reconsider, let my know.

Ah, we kill always 8☆, 9☆ titans, because of our numbers.

Shame? For what? Because we dont want to join your alliance? :laughing:
My friend, merging is not an easy deal and you see only half of the problem, from your perspective.

Touche, very fair point, I wrote my entry in a very rude way, and I’m sorry for that. Didn’t sound bad in my head, if you know what I mean :flushed:
I have an idea to aboid you all the risk of loosing your alliance only to find that the new did not swit you, but I don’t want to hijak your entry, I could give you my line id if you want to hear about it, or we could look for other way to discuss it whitout spaming here.

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@Otherpeter can let here the name of your alliance

Sure, no problem. Is Berserker Lurkers, the name is also in my post abode, I think… yes:

English is not my first language @NeuronuFurios, so I believe you are asking for the name of my alliance, but if you are not tell me and I’ll withdrawn this post assap.

Its fine, thank you, ill check.

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