Seven Days Reborn (7dR) is Looking For You

Are you ready to revitalize you’re gaming experience?

If so, Seven Days Reborn could be the place for you! We are a highly competitive top alliance that first most values strong participation above individual outcomes. We simply ask that you try your best for the team. We support experimentation and will never call out individuals for Things beyond their control (effects of bad boards, being low on items, etc.) We strongly encourage our members to support each other, offer advice, joke around, and maintain a positive and friendly attitude and atmosphere.

Our requirements are:

Titans (streaking 14*)

  • Four hits per titan
  • One hit in the first 10 hours
  • Two harpoons every third titan

Alliance Wars

  • Use all 6 flags each war

Roster Depth

  • 23 or more maxed 5* heroes
  • Primary troops level 23 mana

In addition, at 7dR, you will become part of the larger Seven Days family, one of the original family alliances in the game. We are seeking competitive players (no cup dropping) who share our values.

If interested, you can reply here or reach out to either LittleKAF (LittleKAF on Line or littleKAF#5940 on Discord) or Defiler (palewhiteorc on Line or [7dR] Defiler🔥#5633 on Discord).

Don’t miss your chance to become Reborn!!!


Opportunities are still there to come join us. Reach out if you’re interested in fighting in some wars with us.

I’d love to join one war later if that’s allowed :slight_smile:
good luck on the recruiting, that alliance family already helped many players by sharing information.

@Polentinha do you use Line or Discord? I can reach out to you there to get into more nitty-gritty. I’ll be back on here later too.

We had a birthday party for two today. Y’all are still invited.

We’re doing well this war. I can smell 5 more war points soon.

You did! :grin: We are still suffering and sitting on pillows :crazy_face:

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It was a good battle and good war banter. Always fun to play with another good group. Nice seeing my little Kingston tank in action (while all the other Telluria tanks laugh at me).


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