January 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Gargoyles, W3K, Covenant, Underwild, Atlantis, Ninja Tower, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Lunar New Year, M. Titan, Contest Of Elements, Tavern Of Legends, and Ch. Festival 1)

You could add Cupid

  • his special skills is the Alluring Arrow
  • last 3 turns
  • the target is in love and when his mana is full shoots special skills against his own allies

The love could be MA. 2C Quintus is love doctor after all and he inflicts MA

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this is a very possible new hero name if Staff wants to add more heroes (and why wouldn’t they ? )

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Thought of Cupid but wasn’t sure which mythology to follow. Greek names sound more “complex”.

Love the SS. It’s worse than MA cos target is applying his own SS on his ally. Like Lolo betraying his own team. :rofl::joy:

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That portal could go global cos Love is All Around Us.

Rosita, Doctor Love
Cupid, naughty Cherub
Eros, the more serious Cherub
The list is endless


I agree, it´s mostly about which one will have the best sales potential, rather than a set rotation (unless of course they have new heroes for all of them, in which case they might go back to a type of rotation)

Musketeers are new and have more heroes already lined up, so I guess they´ll be back next after Styx .
Ninja Tower also has more new ones lined up and will return again soon, maybe 2 months or 3?.
Styx, not sure do they already have more lined up besides the new one for this round? It´s still the newest of the towers, so I guess in generel terms this would be the most interesting one for them to keep fresh.
Wizard Tower will not come back until they add new heroes.
The old alliance quest? Also not sure, either they add new heroes or they retire it into the next iteration of Challenge Festival together with the Gargoyles and some other retired event (maybe even the wizard tower? But nah I think they´ll keep the tower)

Styx has 2 more new heroes in beta.

According to @Elioty33 , it’s Thanatos for Styx in Feb, leaving Amphi for another round.

Likely it will be Musketeers in March. 4 more new 5*.

After that, Ninja in April ?


Magic in May? It has been awhile since we’ve seen Magic. Will we see CF3? They should do a event with all of the towers together.

It’s possible Once there are new magic heroes. Let’s see what happens with the rest of V55 beta.

Right now, no new heroes.

There’s some demand for the magic portal troops though but that doesn’t make as much money for Zynga.

Where is the best place to pull for troops?

It depends on which troops you want to focus.

Currently Styx (Cyclope) Troops are favoured because they come with 20% mana and 25% Bypass.

Either Magic or Styx Troops allow for faster mana breaks.


The two I’m waiting on, naturally.

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I dislike the tower portals, and I mean all of them, they never give me any 5ers lol. I don´t have a single 5star charge hero hahaha, so I have given up. Ninja tower is the worst of them all, don´t even have a 4 star and now since they introduced a 3 star I figured I´d do 20 pulls and get me at least that one lol, the result is I still don´t have any Ninjas whatsoever, those sneaky bastards.

I don´t mind the events though.

Oh and I am looking forward to the troop summons, I have been saving up for the next Wizard tower since forever… So yes if it was my choice it would be Wizard tower next and if I get all the wizard troops I want I´d go for Styx after to see if I can get that green Cyclops, after that, won´t care anymore who next to not give me any heroes :stuck_out_tongue:

And since the AQs are in the same rotation, they also don´t give me any heroes… I got Ludwig from Soul Exchange, that´s it :smiley:

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Me too. I’m waiting on both. Can they combine both AQ together?

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there should also be a witch/wizard type hero with a love potion-type special! maybe, the special makes one enemy turn traitor and attack other enemies…

ahh, why am I giving hero suggestions, SG/Zynga will probably make them 5*s, and I will never summon them but instead have to fight them all the time :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t actually want that. I much prefer the CoK heroes to the Musketeers. Of course, I’ve paid more attention to the CoK heroes because they have three- and four-star heroes (i.e. the ones I have a chance to draw).

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I think there were supposedly a few more 4s and 3s in the musketeers coming out? I mean the one there is so far didn´t really get me interested. But I think that was the worst one if I remember correctly… so the ones coming out next round should be more interesting. Or maybe that´s just something I dreamed…

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Looks like baby Winifred.

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Let’s hope so. I’m terrified that the LNY portal is the direction this game is going.

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I don´t think the Lunar portal is going to be a big financial success. Regular folks are turned off by the horrific odds and whales need much fewer pulls than in other portals to get what they want. i don´t see anyone spending more money on this than they would spend on other portals.

I think this is more like a test to see how it goes, while it had rather low development costs (only 2 new heroes, which is disappearing in the flood of new heroes) and an old event style that´s been around forever (just throw in a few different bosses and that´s it).
So it´s really just a cheap little extra for SG to fill a time where there otherwise would be no portal at all and any revenue is better than no revenue.

The long term goal will of course be to have continuous seasonal portals running one after another, so there never is any lost time in that slot. Could there be more portals like this one among future seasons? Sure, but for additional seasonal portals or other “cheap” projects only. Not for events, towers etc, they´ll want more money from those portals.