January 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Gargoyles, W3K, Covenant, Underwild, Atlantis, Ninja Tower, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Lunar New Year, M. Titan, Contest Of Elements, Tavern Of Legends, and Ch. Festival 1)

Last year was just offers. No special quest.

Still have 3 more rounds of beta. Maybe there will be new heroes and therefore a portal.

  1. Eros : 5x, shoots love arrows at allies. All allies heal 50% of damage for 3 turns. Cannot be dispelled. Blocks ailments and negative stacks for 3 turns

  2. Aphrodite: 5x, cleans ailments and negative stacks boosts 5x with 600HP, and immunity to fiends

  3. Anteros: 5x dodge, plus damage. Each dodge releases 1 thorn fiend to caster. Fiend blocks buffs

  4. Ares: 5x damage @ 450%, gives Attack boost to 5x, each enemy killed by SS gives 10% mana to each ally.


Aphrodite and Ares are heroes already in the roster. Ironically SG’s Aphrodite creates fiends


Totally forgot about HOTM Ares.

We have Aphrodite ? As in Venus ?

That blue styx lady. Yet to be released

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Thank you very much, my beloved oracle, for your concern and very useful information. :hugs: :kissing_heart: :wink:


Just checked. No Aphrodite in Styx.

Are you referring to Esme ?

There is aphrodite, she is not realised yet but she is one of the bosses as you play the tower


Ah okay. I didn’t bother to study the bosses. Strange to see Aphrodite lumped in with darker harbringers. But then it’s Zynga

I remember her because she killed me with one shot only on full hp😅

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Actually i just googled her and the correct name is amphitritte or something like that

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That’s what I thought


Oops it’s Amphitrite, sorry :sweat_smile:

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There is just 2 more reound of Beta, and V55 will be released on Fabruary 6.

Of course if Staff wants to have a protal, then can create new heroes, but only if it will start on week of February 13, when the update will be forced.

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Thanks you Oracle!!

disappointed when Zynga partnered Azlar C and Magni C2. it would be better Quintus C2 and Magni C2

Might this be artwork relevant for the valentine’s event?


Oooh Rosita to the Fore! Hot chica!

Maybe female version of Zorro

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Another one with similar style to Celidana. Waiting to see the comments on that one :stuck_out_tongue:


I have seen it two during I updated to V54:


We will see maybe this week or by next week’s Monday.


No musketeers in february?

Isnt tower event and alliance/quest changing each month? :open_mouth:
I was soo looking in trying to get Aramis :confused:

Ugh no, never done so. From the last cadence update:

But even that has been a mess since the release of the Styx Tower in September. Everyone expected the rotation to be Alliance Quest → Ninja Tower → Tower of Magic →Tower of Styx →⟲, but then we had more Tower of Styx events and the Musketeers came in to that time slot too. So well, I don’t expect any kind of definite rotation on that Tower/AQ time slot anymore and it all depends on what new shiny heroes they have developed and have to release.