Is there a site where i can compare Heroes?

I was wondering whether there is a site where i can select 2 heroes, emblem them (possibly see the cost of embleming, as well) and compare them.

The reason i’m asking is that i already have a +20 Kelile and then the TC20 gave me a Marjana.
While i’m still levelling Marjana, soon she wll be 4/80 and then i will have to decide if i will strip Kelile of her emblems for Marjana, and try and distribute the emblems between them in the most optimal way.

EP Loot box is a good app you can download


Search that on android or apple store

2 Likes is another is the Website.

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Best one I know of for comparing heroes with/ without emblems is

Do need to create an account to use it but the accounts are free to make.

Comparing heroes:

Once there you can access the comparison & class node comparison stuff by going to “guildware”:

Comparing emblem & emblem paths:

Forum Thread Links by the creator @Razor
Class node Comparisons: What-if analysis made easy - talent tree / classing

Hero Comparison (hero Utility): Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)

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What happen to site enpro, no-link?

I think they were overhauling it. FINALLY started rating Valhalla heroes, then missed a backslash or something. It’s back up now

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