😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

I feel like the solution is simple. SG needs to spend more money on staff to help flesh out this game to meet the rational and realistic demands of the consumer base. If people are leaving, figure out why and fix it.


Thank You for your summary! It really puts in flesh what I have been thinking too.

I don’t have great hopes that devs will put any thoughts to what you have written (maybe you should have put a name of some other game here too as a trap to get them interested). It’s still good to see that other gamers are sharing same frustration as I am. Makes me feel less lonely and paranoid.



If devs listened to forum regulars, this problem would have been fixed ages ago, like in 2017 (?) or 2018 when great players from before our time made similar complaints but left empty handed.

It is really eye opening reading some of the older forum farewell posts. You realise that the cycle just continues and SG does nothing.


I could recommend but I think it is not allowed…tried in the past 2 similar games that I quit. the first because it was too buggy and second recently because it was becoming a money pit as well. Now I tried another 2 games. One I play longer and it is like E&P in the beginning but with more ways to get your heroes and AM but without war currently. The other one I just started 2 days ago and already got my first 5 star and several 4 star…but that is part of this game as u got so many chances for summoning. Also got enough coins for a 10x summon but did not spend them so far. BTW all without giving a dime :wink:

UPDATE: just made the 10x elemental summon and got HOTM. Odds were 4%


I think this game is rapidly approaching a smash-and-grab phase.

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I already lost it, It’s really become… don’t know which word to use to play this… Just waiting next Atlantis to spend my 20k gems and try to get Gregorion (I was obsessed with him) and than I’ll delete the game…

I want the game’s name, do you have Line?

sorshas-line-id //// 20 new puzzle games


Is it the game that sponsors 50% of youtube videos nowadays? :wink:

That summarise very well what many of us are feeling.

I see pretty much two different kind of players in this game: those that are still new enough to still get thrilled by the game (as all of us was at first) and those that are too much “experienced” and see the game more and more far from what we need.

The problem as i see it is that this game is always more directed to gain new people/make them spend rather then keep the old ones.

We saw that immediately, just looking of rewards for completing very long missions.
Rewards/time and effort required is completely out of scale.

Every successful game i know offer for the most devoted players rewards that are actually very appealing, not the other way around.

All this new buildings/missions/new content is always more appealing for a new player rather then an old one.

Problem is that no one will be forever new.
And someday all of them will join our unsatisfied crew.

So if you are new… watch and learn.
Treasure what you are now, because soon enough you will become salty like us.


Are you Sorsha also in line?

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same here… i would delete the game now, but i spent some money that would be just wasted. well, any money put in this game is wasted, but when i started 2 years ago it was a lot of fun and i really liked the game so i decided to spend. but for me it’s the same like for @masaroozzang, i quit spending since ToL, i dont’t even find the words to describe how ridiculous this f***** Tavern is. so i will keep on playing for a while now until i forgot a little bit how much money i’ve wasted and then delete it. It’s already been said, all the new Content is just to pull the Money out of the peoples wallet. it’s not for the players anymore, only for $$$$… i have loooooots of 5* that will never be leveled to the max, no mats and so on… you all know the Problem… so for me, i’ts over with spending and if Nothing changes i will say good bye…
my 2 Cents…


No easy solution here, there isn’t a right or wrong answer. For me I feel much more relaxed when PoV is done / finished. I can’t shake that feeling that something is hanging over my head for 50 days and it strains me

Well, get ready. The next one will be hanging over your head again for 50 days starting next Monday.

I am very curious about that too!
We have a whole sub-forum for ideas and suggestions. I would like to know how many of them came through. Other than collect all button :rofl:

yes indeed the game has become so borring and money wasted. I really hope that SG stuff will read and think carefully about this topic.

Perfect summary, thank! I think your post will deserve a special visibility, because it express what I most of us feel also (I think we are a lot. The amount of your hearts demonstrate it. And I hope that other people will add a like to your post).


Very well written :100:+



if I remember it right, they claimed that players asked to nerf Atlantis 4 days -> 3 days. So there is that. Out of those huge amount of ideas people are throwing to them, they choose to pick one that lessens the loot we get via Atlantis.


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