😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

Hey there!

Yup! I’m :astonished:! People are starting to lose interest in the game…

  • I see it
  • I hear it
  • I read it

SG, whats the plan? :roll_eyes:

just a feedback thread


It’s happening. Been happenin for awhile.

Players are runnin out of things to hold their interest, devs are failing to keep up and continue to drop the ball with every release, etc etc

There are so many things SG could do to improve the game. Instead it’s just one cash grab after another.

Other games give FREE daily rewards for logins, allow you to earn hotm and 5* heroes through gameplay, have poor summons pity counters that guarantee a 5* after x amount of draws, tie progress to gameplay and not just $$$, etc etc etc

Been tryin em out myself and impressed with a few so far. And nope puzzle combat isn’t one of em…

Players want an entertaining game
Developers want a cash raining game
Players have been willing to settle for a happy medium
Devs refuse to create it


Got any particular recommendations?


I am not comfortable with where game goes.
Lack of features and pay to enjoy content.
Okey I get it they are trying to get money but on what cost.
Terrible ratios for summon
Terrible ratios and features on new buildings
And most importantly DEVs doesn’t reward player loyalty


1000% this. And i hate to say it but can’t put the blame all on devs. Players, including myself, have welcomed and even paid for such treatment for years.

I’m not quitting until my teammates do. But definitely goin to tuck my wallet away for better games.


Instead of improving already existing things in the game they try to keep us going by more and more new content.

Advanced buildings - unnecessary, lab, lodge and academy pointless, PoV not really challenging, ToL gate really greedy.

Emblems, costumes, S3 and tourneys are the only things, that were cool additions in the last 2 years.

Hard summoners do already have 3 times more heroes than needed and many of them are maxed but never used. Due to that reason many of us won’t open our wallets any longer to get more heroes to bench.

I don’t know if the player base still increases or decreases right now.

They should improve alliance things (online indicator, real alliance chat, raid practicing), wars (defense change on respawn, more rules, team formations, adjustable amount of flags [6,9,12,15]) and raids (4th arena 2.8K up, more ranking systems, hall of fame or long-term leaderboards), wich are the core of the game and keep everybody going. Many long-term players are only here for community, camaraderie and wars.

If these things will see some new features and some kind of refurbishment many long-term players will draw new hope.


Well, for myself, after the Telluria blunder, I stopped giving cash to SG. Maybe VIP, and some cheap offers. Tavern of Legends was another meltdown, nobody was happy in my alliance, most of them didn’t even tried to draw.

I started to lose interest in completing raids, cut my daily activity in half. Game is a grind, but now it became a boring grind with nothing of interest in the future. Coming HOTM seem lame, Hero Academy not what we hoped for.

I have Clarissa and Malosi but lack the materials to ascend them and I will not pay for rare 4* ascension material offer, that much is clear.


Same here. Actually hopped down to one of our newer teams as a change of pace for a bit hopin the top wont feel so routine when i go back.


the game could be a little more rewarding. I can’t see how it would hurt SG to keep their players motivated. I often feel it is a: ‘pay for pain’-game :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah that’s why saders where on 1st position today as alliance.
j/k :wink:

I am noticing the same myslef but also alliance wide. We have to do a lot more effort to bring down titans as people are less and less time online and missing out on titan flags.
Everybody is feeling the cash grab more and more every day.
The lackl of content that keeps you motivated to make progress is absent and not to be seen in the near future.
I wrote somewhere else in the forum that I have the idea that P&E is over the hill and on its way down. Yes there will be new players and yes there will be whales in there as well but for how long?
I truly hope SG starts to see that there is drastic change of plans needed to keep players aboard. For me personally it is the alliance that I am in that keeps me playing. Not the game itself.


Yeah, there could be a reward algorithm or something…after 17 monts playing only have 1/3 season 1 5* and 2 hotm. I’m level 62…soo i´ve played a lot and made lots of pulls…but without luck. I’m not enjoying that much in these days…


I’ve said before, like all things, the game is bound to hit the ceiling at some point. At the current rate the new heroes gain power, I imagine there won’t be long until the team killer special skills will start showing up. In a sense, Telluria’s skill is already a team killer. There’s little chance to recover from a Telluria hit, even after the nerf. Not in time to counter GM and Vela, anyway…


Playing tru story mode feels like a chore and the bad pulls make want to quit, i have spent some money already but instead of progressing it feels like im stuck until i get the good heroes from the portals soo i have slowly changed to other games


True spoken. If half of the alliance will leave, I will go also. The alliance chat and jokes are now the most lively and interesting part of the game…

And there is another side. If the game is going down (seems like less developing effort and more cash grabbing features), why should I invest in new heroes on the long term?


Same here. I dont have telluria, and I understand who haves and feels cheated. But even with the nerf it is an overpowered hero. I always go mono against teams and I know that I loose much easyer against a team with a tell tank than another. Other tank fire and i still have chances to win. That doestn apply to tell. She fires and i cant win anymore…soo…


I stopped playing when the heroes weakened, I started playing again because I had friends in the ring! But I am definitely trying to stop! The game is fun, but I’m spending astronomical values on the game and I can’t get 5 star heroes! I can’t evolve my 5 star heroes because the items don’t come! Today I got a telescope by buying! When I attack mono in wars, the stones disappear! The stones were supposed to be random, but that’s not what happens! I built 6 strong teams for wars, with badges! But the trickster board, there’s no use setting up an attack strategy and having strong heroes, I’m beaten by the board! It is not worth killing and spending to evolve! It has no meaning! it’s like pushing a casino button and letting it roll!


The only thing they give here is nerf on heroes with no reward whatsoever to those who have them and making it extremely difficult to earn 4 * ascension items. Nothing more.


I’m now up to every 2nd even if Telly cast. That’s okay imo.

B2T: Alliance challenges would be another thing to keep us going, maybe some kind of alliance internal raid challenges which would pair raid practice with alliance banter and would create a nice alliance community.


Yea the game in the hidden post above has all the alliance elements this one does but just much lower cost

I’d give it a look and see what your teammates think, possibly all convert at once

Especially if you guys are newer to the game

People have spent as much as $32k on this one just to be competitive…it’s ridiculous


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