In-Game Emoji code list



Thank you all for your information. can we also change the font of characters ?


One to add thanks to @lestat: :star: ( : star : ) .


Yup! We somehow overlooked that one on the master list. Will be adding it soon, as we might be finding new emojis down the road


I know how to use color in chats, but sometimes when i see people recruiting i see them have symbols like stars or little fire symbols, how do i make those?


By typing :keyword: (word between colons, no spaces, all lower case), where the keyword is something like “smile” or “cool” or “fire”.

See here for a list of ones that have been discovered to work (and some that don’t if you browse that thread):


Maybe you can create new topic with the first post updated, since you probably intend to do it? :wink:


Anyone know how to put hearts around your game profile name? Seen it a few times but for the life of me can’t figure out how they did it.


On Android devices there are alternate keyboard character options for punctuation and symbols when typing text. I assume that odd characters in game profile names are accessed from them, or by cutting and pasting the more obscure ones which are supported by the game but not accessible from the standard keyboard options.


I’m the guy behind the chat color tool and created a web view (with click&copy function) for the currently known emoticons.
E&P Emoticons

Hope you like it :grin:


it’s now saved in my favorites :+1:


Anybody know what is the code for :wink: ?
:wink does not work in chat…


I would like to ask SG devs to create a cocktail emoji. I use a coffee cup in the morning and it would be nice to have an approppriate evening drink :smirk:


Take an “irish coffee” :smile:
Coffee Sugar Whisky Cream


Scroll back to Here for the current known list. No wink emoji yet.


I know. That’s why I asked for it. I use it a lot. Guess I am too sarcastic :woozy_face:


We need to add :horror:


Thanks - nice find. I just added it:



They should add the mug


Wonderful! Very happy to see some emojis still being found.


I can’t take credit, but my ocd is happier with the list now it lines up !