In-Game Emoji code list

And what emoji pics are those going to represent?

:us: Testing US flag here

None of the flags seem to work in chat. I concur with Len.

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oh country flags. hah

I update my first post

:honeybee doesn’t work

:apathy seems not to work. Nor does :exasperation, nor :crazedfrustration, nor :dementedaggression.


Here you guys go! Got it together and looking great thanks to ScndStar, FrauMolder, Peter, and of course the many random contributors.

**Edit- the list is updated! Added :star: and :scream: Oct. 5, 2018.


Delete … countries dont work

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I´ve noticed, there is a way to make bigger text in alliance descriptions. Does you know how to do it?
Thanks for your great work!!

Thank you beatiful 2Spook

Type it with brackets [ ], the percentage sign % and what percent you want it to be from normal (which is 100%).

Such as [%50] or [%150] before the text you want to change.


Thanks God you undestood what i mean; English is not my first languaje. And thanks you very much for answer.

Unfortunately, the space between lines doesn’t change (on IOS anyway), so if you get too big they run into each other top to bottom.


It doesnt work or i dont know how.
I see the enlarge text in the white chat but when I send the text it appears at normal size.


Same for me with the size thing… I think you’re probably doing it right if it shows in the preview before sending. Wonder if it’s an IOS/Android thing? I’m on Android.

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I’m on Android too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well I shared this with my ally… I created a monster there’s emojis all over the place!
Whole conversations in emojis.
One question though how come Richard gets his own emoji?


@Tato @ChoppedLiver it can’t be done in chat. Only place I know it can be used is alliance banner.

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A co-leader’s privilege to speak in big fonts :slight_smile:


Thank you. 20 characters :+1:

And can I center the text in the alliance banner?
I enlarge :elementnature: and it doesnt fix well

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