How To Not Ruin A War Chat

The first war chat I was involved in ended badly, but it wasn’t due to the chat during the war. The conversations were fun and jovial, even after we won.

My leader at the time was so enamoured with some members of the opposition, they now had dreams of being top 100 Keep in mind, WE had just won the war :woman_shrugging: , merger proposed, no discussion … the beginning of the end.


It could happen…

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Well if there was a cataclysm and I was the only player left…I may have a shot @Rigs, barring that maybe God having pity on the poor, slow witted, fool that I am and somehow I accidentally end up there. Wondering the next day who hacked my account and used my hero’s?


Just sayin i used to say Saders won’t ever make top 100 all the time and crap like that

All I’m sayin is :poop: happens

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That is correct @Rigs, :poop: certainly does happen. Somehow I always end up really deep in the middle of it too :wink:


There’s a creative solution to this social distancing. :woman_shrugging:


Thanks for the 15 cups, @Rigs!


It was a good match, i failed to record though

Was just lookin for telluria tanks :man_shrugging:


War chats can be a lot of fun, if the final goal remains just that, having some fun in a game that can grind on you.

My very first, and favorite, war chat was with Helios when I was a Misfit Toy. From the git go, memes were flying and that was 24 hours before war started. Cats were there. Carl was there. Even the parakeets were there.

Everyone remained very respectful despite making me question me defense repeatedly .

There’s no need to question strategies, bash opponents choices, or make claims of luck (or the lack of it). Keep it light. Let players be themselves. Guidelines are great but the chat should remain a relaxed place where people can interact with ease.

Have fun folks:


I am all about the 3:2 life over Mono for war, though I realize it has its uses and sometimes, especially for younger teams, its necessary due to their roster.

When I was War Commander for my alliance (Pre-Battle School where I am War Commander by default lol) I had everyone record and share their hits, but my rule was i never criticized–and still don’t–individual tile moves. It was mainly to look at the team composition and synergy they were using.

Never been in a War Chat and not sure I would like it…I think it is residual from my old skool hard-core raiding days in World of Warcraft where, aside from a random “kek” there was no communication with a pvp foe in the other faction.

Plus…the entire reason i left alliance life, aside from saving mats for events instead of every titan, is I just got tired of the drama, and War Chat seems like a breeding ground for drama, sadly.


That’s fine, your choice and well said

I would disagree a hair with you. I think some of this is fine of truly inquisitive. Like “I wouldn’t have done that. Why did you? Do you see something I don’t see?”

There is a way to do it and a way to not do it.

I agree with the intent of your post. Just like nearly everything, there is a wrong way and a right way.

There’s something to ponder. :relaxed:



LOL Dooom ha haha great outfit here!

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Wait, you can chat with people from your opposing team at war?

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If you have a chat app(Line or Discord) and the other alliance does as well, yes

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Yes, through an external app.

SG doesn’t have a feature to support it, and given the number of stories about people being jerks in war chats, I don’t blame them. That would be one more headache they don’t need.

If you want to see examples of war chat done right, look at some of the threads here labeled “Misfit Toys vs …”


Although if you want examples of War Victory Done Right…look elsewhere :sob:


@JonahTheBard you and @Rook are always good sports though. And that matters.


Best advice here

A) Have good folks in your alliance and get rid of bad apples (or bananas for Vikings, evidently)

  1. Use Line or Discord if possible cause you can share easier IMO

III) Have fun and make sure you remember it is a mobile game

Fore) Sandbag as much as possible (still be debated)

E) Puns, movie quotes, and general dad jokes are your best weapons



A long time ago we decided to say “opponent”, not “enemy”.

A fun War Banter usually includes useful videos showing attacks (helpfully labeled), memes and silliness, and Respect. Graciousness in defeat as well as cheerfulness in victory.

And lots of bananas. :grin: (Go Northern Vikings!)