How To Not Ruin A War Chat

There was a time when I used to find war chats a lot of fun

But as we’ve climbed the ladder, the amount of fun involved in those chats has decreased…

So just a few tips for any alliance wanting to participate in war chats and prevent ruining what is supposed to be a fun activity(would think these wouldn’t need to be said but apparently…they do)

  • Don’t turn it into a recruiting/poaching attempt

-No Whining about how others play the game

  • No Preaching uninformed opinions as facts

  • Win or lose, have fun with it

  • Don’t refuse to Accept that it takes more than luck to win in this game, and you may very well have been outplayed by the opponent

I’ve turned a few war chats into complete :poop: shows lol but it’s been after 1 or all the above have occured and I’m sure I’m not the only one in the game quick to lose my cool when someone decides to start suckin the fun out of what’s supposed to be a fun activity.

Have decided to assume those that did one or more of the things above weren’t aware of how they came across or what they were saying so this isn’t a personal attack at any player or alliance. It’s just a few tips that i hope players & alliances can use to continue to have this fun activity.

I’m sure there’s tips others have learned and look forward to seeing some of those

Oh one more thing:
The chat isn’t just for vids and not every player will record or even join. Just enjoy the vids that recorded, the people that have joined, and keep in mind that conversation is welcomed. If a war chat is just about the videos then it’s just a “War Vid Room” and not a “War Chat”


May I add no harassing? We’ve encountered an alliance that was VERY suggestive towards some of our female alliance members to a point where I wasn’t in there for the fun of a warchat, but to protect my alliance members (who didn’t want to leave because they were afraid to be harassed in DMs)


Oh for sure lol

We faced a team who had a guy trying to get female’s addresses by promising to “send them pizza in the mail” then followed up with how he’d like to meet for drinks and sending them random good morning, good night texts etc

Which if it was welcomed behavior, ok whatever

But take a hint that they’re not interested and don’t look at the social aspect of this game as a way to exploit others or satisfy whatever weird desires one may have.

There’s a difference between mutual back n forth conversation in pm and just harassment

Wish more people knew the line and walked it


Oh, the people I’m talking about where straight up asking if the women in question was, and I quote, ‘about that backdoor life’



I would have instantly booted if they were Saders(which i believe would never do such a thing but not like i can predict every behavior of every person given they’re all strangers at some point)


We’ve had a recent spate of war chats becoming 1 way. Invite the opponent in to a group, have some banter prior to the start then start sending videos. As soon as they start to attack they go silent and we’re lucky to get 3 videos in return.

Just don’t seem to find alliances with the same mentality as I did 6 months ago. Dont know what’s changed but it’s very odd.

War chats were always a great way to form new friendships across the game and also allowed you to learn where your defence may of gone wrong or why an opponent used the tactics that they did


My favourite adversary has to be Guardians of Romania, their leader is great, shares videos and discusses their strategies openly whilst handing out a real whooping. A true gent


I don’t think we’ve faced as of yet. I’ll have to look at war standings and see if it’s a matchup i can look forward to now though


War score around 116,000 is where you find them. I’ve faced Tzontzonelu 6 times now, 3 since christmas

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Hmm dam sounds out of the realm of possibility at the moment but I’m sure that could change


Of course chats filled with videos are more fun, but I’ve heard people say they get very aware that they will be judged for their hits if they record. And they’re afraid they mess up and lose the attack.
Or they (both my alliance members as well as the opponent) only shares the wins and not the losses, which takes away from the fun too.


I record every war hit. Even if it’s only for my alliance to critique. If I loose I like to know why it went wrong, was it team selection, poor board management or just sheer bad luck.

I have no reservations of people seeing me screw things up. A good alliance would only give you tips to improve


Man looks like it sucks to be at the top…at least from a jovial/comedic point of view.

Also I’d blacklist harassment or let other players know…F their feelings and “we were just kidding” retorts


I typically record hits

My issue is sharing the recordings before the war is over lol

Wars that occur when I’m home are the hardest to upload recordings due to each vid taking an hour minimum(sometimes quite a bit more) to upload due to no wifi and living in the middle of nowhere(peace & quiet trumps the inconveniences)

Sometimes i do forget to upload or I’m listening to music during my hits and if the music is too “offensive” then I’m a bit weary on posting. One of the reasons i haven’t posted my blazing dawn hits yet.


Ouch that’s awful internet are you still on dial up?

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Just mobile connection lol

I get 1 bar at my house which is enough to do everything but upload videos apparently lol

But due to location wifi is ridiculously expensive for decent service(if there even is 1, haven’t found one that is worth the money yet personally) and due to my job I’m only home 4 days a month as is


How about actually sharing videos and more than 10 of your members showing up?

Hmm don’t think member or vid quotas are necessary and think i covered that in the OP

I mean i have 1on1 convos all the time. Or group convos. Or forum discussions without vids.

So probly just a me thing but yea i wouldn’t need x amount of members in a war chat or x amount of vids to feel it went well


What the heck is the point of war chat then? :rofl::rofl:
We need to give you guys a mirror, rather than point the finger you should pull the thumb. War chat didn’t work because y’all didn’t participate.

Lol didn’t get a chance due to the excess whining

“Sigh…u guys mono and record it…i don’t wanna watch…”

“U guys just got lucky last time”

“3-2 has a higher success % than mono due to blah blah blah”

“Oh i was just speaking opinion”(once success % is thrown in, it’s not stating an opinion…it was nothing more than a snob attempt)

Got the screenshots if you’d like

Wasn’t goin to make it personal or even call you guys out lol but you asked so here we are


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