*Original* MISFIT TOYS Alliance is - [OPEN]

EDIT: See last post. Please contact me on Line, ID:


We’re looking for:

  • 4000+ TP
  • 2000+ cups
  • Grizzled: Full participation Wars/Titans
  • War Ready: 30 lvl 70+ heroes
  • Litterbox trained :grin:

We have two openings for victi—fresh mea—sacrifici—members! :grin:

Post below or contact me on line if interested. Line ID: chibipotato16

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Better edit your title then, Rookster, to avoid heartbreak.

Grrr, I DO edit it, every time (this is like the 27th), and it doesn’t stick! You’d thick i’d learn to double check it by now… :grin:

EDIT: I just changed the title to “CLOSED” twice this morning. Not sure why it reverts to “Open”… :thinking:

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Someone told me that they thought we were part of a large group of Misfit alliances. NO! :grin:

We are solo, quirky, and fun. If you don’t quite fit in elsewhere, you might very well fit in here. We do have requirements, but that’s to make sure we stay quirky and not overrun by those who would do better elsewhere. :wink:

Contact Rook, ID chibipotato16

P.S. We have pie. :grin:


A few spots have been taken by playful new Misfits…a few spots remain. If you like cats or dogs (or hedgehogs or sloths or giraffes or Shetland ponies), we have a place for you. :grin:

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Well now this is sad. I’m too much of a misfit to even join a group of misfits. :laughing:

Is there maybe an island for misfits of misfit toys?


Oh I’ve seen some 76 Misfit groups out there (no relation), and at least 1-2 named “Island of Misfit Toys”. :grin:

But we’re shpecial. Just like everyone else. :rofl:


Of course you are. :wink:

My TP isn’t high enough to join one of those alliances at your level (ascension mat wall keeping me from finishing my 5* heroes). It’s okay though, I’m content fighting 5-6* titans for now (the 10-14* would probably kill me in 30 seconds anyway).

There is also another alliance in the game that has a nearly identical name as my alliance; theirs was formed first, but I wasn’t trying to copy them when I started it (I didn’t even know they existed at the time); just a happy coincidence. Just like there are also several other players in the game who have similar IGNs to mine. It’s perfectly normal for several people to come up with the same name when you have over a million players (heck, sometimes I can’t even get an email address or website login with my real name unless I put a ridiculous series of numbers after it).


I love that there is a home out there for everyone. :slight_smile:

If you are 4000+, fighting 11*, war ready with 30 leveled heroes at 4^70, and you are NOT a douche! We have some real estate for you… :grin:

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Most important requirement right there.


Funny how that morphed into our tagline…


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Pssst…open for business!

  • 4000+ TP
  • 30 heroes lvl 70+
  • 6 flags in war
  • 3/5+ flags per titan
  • Line required
  • No douches! :grin:

Contact Rook on Line, ID chibipotato16


Showing off ChrisS’s amazing artwork:

We have room. You need an awesome home. Let’s connect! :wink:

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I failed to mention our bed and breakfast special… :grin:

We’re lying in wait—I mean, waiting to welcome you! :grin:

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I see naughty little kittens under the couch…

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Someone in our alliance has created Misfit swag:


Remember TP is now 4000. Only 1 space left! :grin: