How to do major dmg to a rare titan with 3 1*s / Bringing 1* Heroes to a 10* Titan

Its expensivo tho!
And people beware some special titans remove buffs so if you want to adopt this stategy pay attention!


@KLinMayhem, I read the header and it peaked my interest. You put on a hell of a show. Thanks for paying for the fireworks :sunglasses:

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Amazing stuff

I would use that as a very last resource if I know I can’t deal so much damage with my regular team, the titan is about to escape, and I’m willing to use titan parts to craft so many shields

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Fyi, it wasn’t my hit haha. Someone else discovered this. I just cropped their name from the vid.



Same as ursena?

20 characters

Ursena is yellow over purple (Mitsuko is blue over red) (see here).

Lol i was gonna keep tossin out more but ur logic and links just sucked the fun right out of my balloon


I get it now. But to suck more fun out, I guess that means we already know a future blue, green, and yellow 5* power. Will they be HOTMs or S3?

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Not hotm for this year so i guess maybe s3

I submit for your enjoyment: Aife facing off against an 11* with no items and a 1* troop.

Take that 70k! :rofl:


This just made my day! Thank you!

Well yes… but actually no. Ursena & Mitsuko doesn’t reflect autoattacks.

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@Kikyo best soundtrack!!! Enjoyed immensely!!

Hey if you haven’t tried this, it’s hilarious. Use titanium shields on 1* heroes and intentionally don’t stun the titan. It’s a nice consistent score and the boards don’t matter at all.


Here is another one:


The next time we see a rare titan in a color I have trouble with I am going to try this.

@zephyr1 delete my account pls

@SWEG I don’t have the capability to do that, you’d need to contact Support directly.

I have been doing titans wrong all this time. Here I thought the idea was to hit them, not vice versa. :man_facepalming:

Miki? Stand down. Cyprian, you’re up.

Nah, you want the titan shield for reflect as you still take damage with cyprians special.


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