How do I enable a costumed version of a hero in battles (in context of bluestacks android emulator)?

I’ve got the costume version of heroes including Melendor but haven’t found a way to enable the costume version when setting up a team. Not sure if there’s something I should be doing or clicking or whether there’s a problem due to using bluestacks.
Any advice?


You have to view the hero’s properties via the question mark in the top right corner. There you can switch to the costume. You also have to level the costume first. If you activate a hero’s costume, this applies to all teams in which you use this hero.

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Uh, Melendor is your only costume equipped hero and you have not got his costume to first ascension yet.

Bluestacks works exactly like your phone but not as well. Just click on the hero and the option is there staring at you.

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