Homaclese world tour part 3

Ive had an amazing stay with @chadmo and deraptors, an amazing alliance with amazing players. But my feet have gotten itchy again…

Looking for a medium/high alliance hitting 12* titans+. Its for both my ftp and my p2p accounts

Hit me up if its a fit!

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You are always most welcome to come visit us at the DC-TMA

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God Speed Homa! Great teammate, they will be lucky to have you.


One space in The Pirate Horde :pirate_flag:
Be an honour to have either of your accounts for a visit.
14* Titans at the moment
LINE ID - steve9999ep

Full details in our recruitment thread.

(or do you want to bring both accounts? … sorry if I misunderstood)


Hey thanks! Ideally i want both accounts in the one alliance. Is there another spot opening up in the forseeable future? I could park one for some time if thats the case


We’d be honored to have you in Aftermath
We’re hitting 12* titans but sometimes fall to 11 (currently only 21 members).

Many of us have been together for over 3 years and we like to focus on maximizing the use of the heroes we have instead of chasing new ones.

We’d love to get your feedback and suggestions on team comps and leveling too.

My in game name is Fishy and we’re currently on discord but could switch to line if preferred.

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Hey i can certainly do a week or 2 to see if i can help out in any way.
What alliance name do i search for exactly?

East of the Equator always welcomes a visitor
Just hit the link below and it will bring you to our welcome channel.

It’s open and close brackets on each side without spaces

Hard to tell when I type it here but it’s Aftermath

Ok cool will joim in next 10 or so hours when current titan is dead

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Hi, sorry, can’t be sure about that. If it does happen, I will be sure to let you know to see if you are still interested. Good luck in your search, and I hope we can make it happen one day :pirate_flag:
Love from Melbourn, U.K. to Melbourne, Australia.
P.S. - cracking Ashes so far :cricket_bat_and_ball:

Hi Homa …we DO unexpectedly have that 2nd vacancy!
So if you fancy a life of piracy after the next war, let me know and I can hold the places.
Line: steve9999ep

Hey I’ve committed to @Fishy 's alliance for at least a couple of weeks. I will definitely want to swing past your way at some point after that, let’s see if we can align when you have 2 spots open again.


Sure thing. I (think) I friended you on Line and sent you a short message.
Best wishes :pirate_flag:

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Cool @ me when yah next looking, i have 3 spots now but prob be filled soon hopefully (anyone looking) … But never knoe haha :joy:


I’m about to embark on a recruiting run again. :laughing:

We’re currently hitting 12* titans at Fusion Fighters, and currently have three spots. :grin:

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