Hero Costume FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions

Wow I totally missed that post, much appreciated @Guvnor.

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The progress of a costume is stored to the hero on which it was leveled up. The same costume can have several different levels on several duplicate heroes.

One does not level the costume itself. The costume is just there like a car that can be driven by several people.

Every hero wears the same uniform, but put different ranks on it.

I play on my Iphone and have 2 Hawkmoon both fully leveled and with talent cards. I can toggle between, but everytime I go to original toggle and then hit X only the costume is shown on both.

Also I pulled 3 BT and toggled 1 to costume, now I can’t get him out of costume.

Both Hawkmoon are locked; none of my 3 BT are locked and all at level 1. What am I doning wrong?

You need to hit the “equip” button which is between the toggle arrows.

See video here:

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Thank you was missing the equip or doing in reverse order!

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FAQs have been updated to reflect the changes made to Costumes per V28 Game Update:

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Hi all,
OK so I have read through the FAQs but apologies if I have missed something as I thought I noticed a change this morning.

I received a Joon in a costume summon recently (which gave me my first Joon - whoop whoop). I leveled him up to 70 (not enough orbs for 4*). I then leveled up his costume to 70 as well. This morning I got a new Joon on a pull but clearly don’t have a new costume, I had assumed that I could move the levelled up costume to my new Joon but this doesn’t seem to work unless I am missing something, can you please confirm? If I cant move the costume I’m quite gutted that I got another Joon today as I had hoped I could use the costume on my original until I got my new one and then I have a ready to go leveled up hero but I guess not :frowning:
Would seem that to get a good Joon and a good costume to work independently you need to level up both Joons and 1 costume. i.e. no point in leveling the costume until you have the 2nd hero…
Thanks in advance.

Hiya @Dykester, answered this same question about 4-6 comments above. Answer is in Question 3 of the FAQs above.

TLDR: Costume levels are non-transferable. Costumes MUST be levelled independently.

That sucks lots of orbs wasted… Only annoyed as I pulled another Joon (I guess)
Now I will have to finish my first as 4* (and costume) and then do my second one as just normal - makes it very expensive.
Thanks for your help here.

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You didn’t waste anything. First of all, getting the costume to 3/70 only costs a single orb.

Secondly, even if you didn’t do this with the first joon, it doesn’t matter because the costume can’t be higher ascension than the base hero;

so you won’t be able to get your second joon’s costume to 3/70 unless your second joon is also in the 3rd ascension anyway.

Where is the glasses??? For ranvir and Wu?

Have a nice day! Its subject is not complete if it is not a problem but nothing else is known. I don’t know the costume, I can’t put it on the hero.As an example, I put one on, a multiple doesn’t let me see a fog in a picture. Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @Karcsi19; I’ve shifted your comment to a master of Frequently asked Questions about the Costumes.

Have a read of the entire post above & then let me know if there is anything unclear.

I wonder if one of my Rigards can be fixed. He is permanently in costume. I want him to be normal. :slight_smile:

Could you post some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Did you watch my guide video linked in the OP of this thread?

Quick question: I have Rigard at 4/1, and I intend to use his costume (also at 4.1) and do not intend to emblem him. I can quickly max his costume and get the costume bonus before I start leveling his regular version, right?
I just feel like if I’m going to use his costumed version anyways, it’d be much quicker to level up his costume first as getting him to 70 will take some time.

To get the costume bonus you need to max both the costume and the original.

EDIT: It’s definitely worth it. My costume Rigard+18 is a base kunchen clone, but average


So… Better…?


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I’m not too concerned with costume bonus at the moment, just quickly leveling up Rigard to a competitive level. If I’m going to eventually max both the original and the costume, might as well start with the costume, right?