Hero Classes have arrived!



A brand new major feature, Hero Classes, has arrived with the new version 18 update! Keep reading for more information on how to start using Hero Classes for your heroes:

What are Hero Classes and How do They Work?

  • Hero Classes enable all heroes to grow in power beyond their current limits.
  • Each hero belongs to one of 10 Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Rogue, Druid, Monk, Ranger, Sorcerer or Paladin.
  • Leveling up a hero in their Hero Class allows the hero to gain new stat bonuses as well as access to a new Class Talent.
  • The maximum level a hero can reach in their Hero Class is 20.

How to Upgrade a Hero Class?

  • Hero Talents and Stats are upgraded in the Talent Grid.
    • The Talent Grid becomes available once a hero is fully leveled and ascended up.
    • The hero must also have the Special Skill fully leveled up.
    • The Talent Grid is available, once the conditions are met, to all heroes of all rarities.
  • Talent and Stat upgrades are bought with Class Emblems.
    • There are 10 different Class Emblems, one for each Class.
    • Class Emblems can be gained, among other sources, from new Class Quests.
  • Talent Grid has branches that allow the player to choose on what stat bonuses to focus on.
  • Talent and Stat upgrades can be reset at any point to recover the used Emblems.
    • Resetting has a small penalty on the Emblems returned as well as a small gem fee.
  • Reset Tokens can be used for a reset with no gem cost or Emblem penalties.
    • Reset Tokens are a very rare loot.

What does the Class Talent do?

  • Class Talent is a passive skill that can activate in combat when the required conditions are met.
  • Each Class has their own Class Talent.
  • For example, Sorcerers have Class Talent Delay.
    • Delay has a chance to activate when dealing any normal damage to the enemy.
    • Delay drops the mana generation of the enemy by -50% for 2 turns.
  • Leveling up the Class Talent increases the chances of Class Talent activating in combat.

What are Class Quests?

  • Class Quests are new quests that reward the players with Class Emblems.
  • Class Quests can be found on the Quests Map.
  • There is a new Class Quest twice a week.
  • Each Class Quest has three stages.
    • Easy stage that opens on Player Level 15.
    • Medium stage that opens on Player Level 20.
    • Hard stage that opens on Player Level 30.

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