Hero Balancing (post-1.4)

Open thread to discuss hero balancing, in a constructive and diplomatic way.

I’ll start.

  1. Post v1.4 update, I do believe Boldtusk was balanced, appropriately. I am actually willing to fight him now. NIce job on the changes. I like what one forum member said that it felt like an “I Win button”.

  2. Hel doesn’t seem too awfully powerful to warrant trying to get her. Although, I do understand that many have not leveled her very far.

  3. Rigard seems to be the new Boldtusk. Well, maybe not new, but formerly overshadowed by Boldtusk. I had a cascade of roughly 20-30 gems (many Holy gems) hit him on top of a 34% defense debuff, and he still stayed alive to heal his team (barely, for what it’s worth). I can’t anticipate a scenario where any other hero even comes close to that ability to survive as a tank.

  4. I have Hu-Tao, and will say that he seems a little overpowered. While it’s a welcome change, since I thought Hu-Tao was underpowered pre 1.4, the changes to the miss %'s and that they now more drastically affecting special attacks, he seems extremely powerful if his attack gets off. But, maybe his Slow mana generation is his achilles heal.

Just throwing my thoughts out there. I expect and welcome disagreement and agreement in a constructive/civil manner.

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Hel was stealth Nerfed in yesterday’s update.

Prior to it, she could stop a defending Hero from using their special when their bar was flashing. Now she cannot.

That being said, I do like using Hel over Sartana, her usefullness is situational, but she’s given me many clutch wins in shutting down an enemy team.

Blindness, especially team blindness, is now in my opinion, the most powerful debuff in the game (perhaps second only to Hel’s Silence). For teams reliant on pure damage, it’s a game changer for sure.

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Well that was fast. Maybe necessary, but Hel went from being the exciting new “everybody must have” to just another high card.

I have the same feeling about Hu Tao, although that might be because I don’t have a means of dispelling blindness from my own team. I do think the pendulum has swung too far though, it seems that I’m missing a lot more and my special skills are missing at a very high frequency.

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  1. Boldtusk is still usable, he has really strong defence stat, which makes him good guy in the middle. They could have nerfed the defence and let his heal be a big stronger.

  2. How big is the extra damage to holy on Hel? I don’t think this is a good idea, unless there is plans to release a hero to counter every color. Really unfair for those of us using holy heroes in the center, that they can get nuked down by a hero that counters that color, while no other color hero has such weakness. The fact that you couldnt activate a hero that already had full mana sounded like a bug. It should prevent mana gain, not mana use. Sometimes someone has been unlucky to hit my Vivica while she got full mana, heal up and dispel the mana stop :slight_smile: Good tacticing to save her mana when you see Hel charging up.

  3. With the changes to blindness, Hu Taos debuff is a bit too strong compared to many other slow “target all” heroes.


Currently, it’s still broken, it locks mana and Li Xiu or other heroes can’t drop someone’s mana while under this.

@Arien side note, if you’ll let Rosbou know, with the changes to titan loot, I’ll gladly come back to metallica if there’s a spot.

That sounds like a bug.

I sent Rosbou a message on line about that it.

@Penari There is a spot for you now.

i would say I don’t quite agree that Boldtusk was balanced perfectly. If they wanted to nerf his offensive buff, fine. But I don’t agree with nerfing his healing power. Boldtusk is basically a master of none. He doesn’t add a significant offensive buff to matter much, and he can’t heal enough to matter much either.

They basically turned him into a big green speed bump. He’s a crash test dummy with 2-special skills of 2* effectiveness.

I think it would be more fair to bump his healing power back up. That’s my opinion anyway.