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So he’s useful in something that no longer exists. Cool. It’s like there’s a theme…

While I am not against buffing worthless heroes, I think substantial buffs to all these useless hotms could be dangerous… many people passed on them when they were featured at full 1.3% chance because of how useless they were… now if they were buffed to A rating card BUT only available as featured in Atlantis portal or Tavern at pretty much superdiluted odds, what would that mean? Pretty much obvious money grab… “At 1.3% we give you garbage, but then we make it valuable but available at 0.3% so now you can chase it throwing 4x more gold at us… And by the way, all future HotMs may be garbage at release but then buffed to significance, so don’t you dare even thinking of skipping any!”

Same thing but vice versa happened to vela and telluria. Everybody forced them and the got nerfed.

I totally see buffs for older hotms as very useful for SG to show the community that adjustments will be a permant thing to keep the game fair for everybody.

But: it needs to be well planned and in small steps


Proposals for buff:

  • Change dmg % to 250%-270%


  • Change -50% dmg from DoT to -75%


  • Instead of -50% dmg from DoT, have him turn all DoT into stackable HoT (saw this idea on NittanyLionRoar’s youtube comment section)

As he currently is, Reuben is arguably worse than Thoth.


I don’t think he’s worse than Thoth, but a slightly updated 2020 version of Thoth which isn’t saying much too. He just creates a ■■■■■■■■ minion that’s all

In light of all this info, I’m guessing keeping 2 Reubens is not worth it. I have limited roster space and plenty of dupe 5* heros for HA10 when its finished. What do all of you think?

I’d keep 2 Reubens, just in case he is buffed in the future… I also prefer to hoard all 5*, instead of feeding any away. That’s why I’m currently up to 300 gems cost for +5 hero slots. :sweat_smile:

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I suggest: “50% immunity to DOT and reflects 50% of DOT against enemies”.


I do not understand, I see in every corner to give an opinion on improving bad heroes, Betas form, everywhere in the Forum I see good indications and for that reason nothing is done. It seems to me that SG finds it easier to launch a new hero than to fix bad heroes.


Bad heroes must be there to dilute the odds of getting a good hero… Want Finley? Good, but suck the Marie-Thereses first. Want BK? Here’s the Morgan for your try. If all the heroes were equally good, players would be less inclined to chase after a specific one, or at least so seems SG/Zynga think.

Give this guy dispel to three and he’ll be able to sleep at night. No more zombie like face for him.:sweat_smile:

Seriously though, SG should provide players more red dispellers.

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You mean the first red dispeller?

I think Reuben could be buffed in 3 ways, to make him acceptable. % of attack and mana speed should be the same, but add:

  1. Every debuff is reduced by 50% (so attack down, defence down, mana gen down, reduced healing, blindness, ecc). And this could be about duration too (4 turns became 2 turns)


  1. Add a +50% damage from status ailments to nearby allies skills for 4 turns


  1. Takes the 50% damage drops from status effects and distribute him to all ice enemies.
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