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Hit a bit more and cleanse, the whole 50% thing is kinda pointless as it’s basically just wasting time before your dead anyway add bit more minion power and I would consider maxing.
If they start to a add a boatload of undispel dots in the future then he gonna serve a bit of a purpose.

Nobody is here to answer, if he reduce all status effect so he should decrease damage of counterattack too, does he?
If he does not, so why do not mentioned in card info just dot. When u said he decrease damage of status attack means he decrease damage of counterattack and all damage that related to status somehow.
Does anyone test Reuben ability?

No, because counterattack is a buff to the enemy, not a status effect on the ally. The counterattack does not do damage to your heroes - it reflects the damage they do back to themselves. Therefore it is not a status ailment. Reuben reduces effects that can be cleansed (from his own team); he does nothing to effects that can be dispelled (from the opposing team).

So should change the card and he will be so so weak
Poof, and no plan to rebalance for sure

Reuben is weak in defense and attack and the special ability neither stands out nor corresponds to that of a special hero. Horrible, definitely and a disgrace that you get it and spend all the materials to upload it

Sadly Reuben is another victim in the post-Telluria HotM releases who is so toned down out of developer fear that he becomes basically a joke.

Telluria was a mistake of over powered silliness, but so many of the HotM to follow are on the opposite end of the spectrum in being either very weak (Noor), very average (Zulag, Reuben), or very situational (Malosi, Zocc, Bae Yeong).

Reuben’s problem as stated by others is that it seems the developers couldn’t decide on what he should be; an offensive hero or a defensive hero.

I feel that they should have aimed for a comparable hitter to Drake Fong, with a higher attack stat but a slightly weaker special damage percent. Currently Drake hits at 1963 (727x2.7) where Reuben hits at 1647 (766x2.15).

Obviously the two have different roles in their specials, one to blind enemies and the other to halve DoT, but there shouldn’t be any reason for Reuben to hit weaker than a HotM who has been out for ages. The element link of Drake is also arguably better, as has been stated by many, weak minions are less a blessing and more a curse for so many reasons.

So two proposals:

  1. Simply bump Reuben’s special damage to 250%
  2. If no damage increase then change Reuben’s DoT reduction to a 30% reduction of ALL damage. Since he is Fast the reduction to ALL damage shouldn’t be too high or he quickly becomes OP

Let’s compare Reuben with Vanda and Grazul:


  • very fast
  • 125% AoE
  • Immunity against ALL status ailments for 2 turns
  • healing steal


  • very fast
  • 15% heal
  • immunity against ALL status ailments for 2 turns


  • fast
  • 215% hit three
  • 50% damage reduction from DoT only for 4 turns

I think when we lay it out as above, it becomes plain obvious Reuben is the worst of the three - he only protects against DoT but not other things like attack/defense/mana ailments or blind. And even then you still take 50% damage, not negate it completely like Vanda or Grazul.

Not to mention since Vanda and Grazul are very fast, you can usually get them to fire before the tank does barring a very bad board, whereas Reuben is “just” fast (but not fast enough!).

Sure Reuben “does more damage” (or rather, more concentrated damage), but unless you had very limited choices, he’s just not gonna make it into your red stack period. If you’re going for raw damage, you’d probably take Gravey/Marjana/Kestrel/Kong (Kong is doubly good now because he cleanses); if you’re trying to protect against DoT and other nastiness, you bring Grazul and Vanda. Personally I just simply can’t envision a scenario where Reuben might be useful.

Reuben’s a step up above Noor but since Noor is widely regarded as a D grade hero, that’s not saying much lol.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Make him very fast, remove damage but make immunity against ALL status ailments for 4 turns
  • Keep him the same but increase damage to 300% to three

I think he is comparable to damage and effect seen in heores running at very fast speed. That speed boost would make him more more competitive and counteract effects he was intended to defend against like grave maker’s and Clarissa’s.


Reuben Hero Review:

Reuben in Offensive raids
Damage wise, Reuben is somewhat average. White Rabbit (Riddles of Wonderland Challenge event) has 731 base attack stat and does 280% damage to 3 targets. Reuben has 766 attack and does 215% damage to 3 targets. Both heroes are Fast charge speed.

In terms of heroes that deal significant Damage over time, Reuben will be useful against heroes like Gravemaker, Azlar, Clarissa, Jean-Francois.

Reuben will NOT be very useful or have limited use against heroes like Vela. This is due to fact that the attack reduction debuff that vela inflicts is usually more game winning than her damage over time effect.

Reuben in Defense

Give that the most effective attack teams are not reliant on damage over time effects, then Reuben really has limited use for his secondary effect on his special skill.
However, Reuben can have quite a significant effect in Alliance war: Heal. This would severely hinder any heroes that has Damage over time effects.

Reuben against Titans
Reuben will be used against green titans which does not have any damage over time effect.

To that extent, Reuben is only good at being able to deal tile damage

Reuben Hero Grade/Rating
Titan – B-
Offence – B+
Defence Tank – B
Defence Flank – B
Defence Wing – B
Defense Overall – B
Tournaments Rush Attack – C
Tournaments Buff Booster – A
Tournaments Bloody Attack – B
Overall B

reading this review i just conclude reuben is good used situationally like for green titan and war,

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If he gets changed to being AOE he would be an off brand version between guardian Kong and kadilen which is so much better. Even extending his buff to 6 turns and he stands out as a better hero to safeguard against DOT damage. 6 turns on a fast hero means DOT is pretty much weakened throughout the match
Right now his skills are all over the place. even his talent doesn’t compliment him. Cleric has one of the lowest attack nodes and his attack is quite decent, so he can’t really boost his attack much with cleric. He already has the innate ability to prevent mana slow so what’s the point in giving him cleric? He fits the role to counter specialized heroes like skadi and Proteus I guess (lol)


Ideas are good but a tiny bit ober the top. Maybe 3 rounds immunity for self and neighbors like Gato OR 270% damage


Reuben is a good hero 1 or 2 years late on schedule.
Cleanser were really rare back then, we didn’t have Grazul or Vanda, and the whole half DoT damage would be a lot more valuable.

Lots of good suggestion which we can summarize as this:

  • more damage. Be it 240% on 3, 480% on one or 220% on all, he simply needs more punch


  • add another skill: i personally really like @Enni idea (+50% damage by DoT), but i’m pretty open to any original skill.

I can’t say he is a bad HotM, but a bit lower of the average, and that’s a shame.


Some great dialogue and suggestions in this thread, hopefully SmallGiant actually reads this :+1:

So many options for improvement:

  • Increase his damage (300% is a bit much, but make him comparable to at least Drake)
  • Increase his mana speed to Very Fast (but don’t change anything else)
  • Improve his defensive ability by extending out the duration of his DoT reduction
  • Increase the DoT reduction to 100% but only allow it for 2 turns
  • etc etc etc

I will say though I love the card art.

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Also agree Reuben needs more punch or skills. Both Reuben and Noor look to be green tank counters that were released in the aftermath of Telly/Vela.

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Well Vanda does 125% AoE + healing steal and Grazul heals 15% and block all ailments for 2 turns at very fast. So if all Reuben is gonna do is block all ailments + summon a (basically useless) minion, then he better be very fast, and the block should last twice as long to compensate for the lack of a 3rd effect compared to Vanda and Grazul.

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Him and zulag too. If zulag existed in the ares era of hotms, she’ll be really good

Buff his att to 240-270% or add cleanse for the whole team


After not getting an Hotm for 7 months I of course managed to get even 2 Reuben this month. I am not even gonna bother to level these up, was even tempted to just feed them away. Total waste this one!

Well, to give other great ideas for a cool skill for Reuben:


  • all burn effects on the target and nearby enemies stack for the next 5 rounds

Solved :shushing_face:

There are many great other ideas. I personally dont like the message “make him a sniper” because we do habe many snipers, and I would love to have more diversity.

Next idea:

  • 50% of the reduced ailment damage is equally spread to all enemies


  • the caster gains and nearby allies get 24% manageneration for 3 turns


  • all status ailments on the target and nearby elements are reset to their full duration

So… there are many ideas, but i am afraid they wont change him at all


Until SG does something with the sad joke that is Noor, there’s 0 chance Reuben will get any buffs.

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