⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Hanitra

I like her better than Kara.

If the new one is damage on special plus damage on dodge, I’d like to see Hanitra get a small heal on special (or defense up) and heal on dodge, stay with the theme.

Let’s compare to Jade.

When Jade is a dodge hero with mana bonus, she was sit on bench.
After she has been buff with adding damage, we have started seen her usage.

Hanitra is a dodge hero, health boost is only bonus when dodge, so she fate is same as the previously Jade.

I suggest Hanitra skill shall starting with boosted heal, then the bonus boosted heal due to dodge shall be remain.

See list of dodge heroes and see how far off Hanitra is off the bunch ….

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Make Hanitra a boost healer and 45% doogee.


Let’s support @Janek2581 suggestion for October balance

Hanitra needs something. Been saying so for years. Traded her away in a soul exchange a while back to get Arco.

Hello everyone,
I wouldn’t touch anything about hanitra i still use her in war attack and raid shes awesome just the way she is. She is to a great support in my deck to this day.


They did up her health which is good. She has a really fun looking special with minature hers spinning around. Glad you are getting good use out of her. She is annoying when I fight her in PvP but usually I can wait her out.

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Did she ever get a buff? What revision would make her viable today?

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