⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Boom & Fang

So as I understand it mega minion hits follow the standard rules for minion hits:

  • Strong/weak color in effect, so for example green mega minion hitting a blue heroe will get x2 damage but hitting a red hero will get 0.5 damage
  • Minion hits are subject to critical hit modifiers, so on top of the modifiers in point 1 you can get x2 (ish) on a critical hit.

Point 2 above is why B&F works so well with a crit booster like Xiwangmu as every 2nd hit from the mega minion is extra damage. My regular team consists of Xiwangmu Goldie and B&F and by the end of some raids the minion hits are going well over 1K on a crit hit.


Never knew crit factors into minion’s damage as well. One more hero you can try is using norns to add an additional weakness to the enemies

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Good info to know. I usually just let the minions do their thing and ignore where the added damage manifested…

Yep with normal minion damage its mostly inconsequential. But with B&M hitting for 1600 to take out a dangerous meta blue hero… the impact is quite measurable

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I doubt I’ll pull norns in fated, but i might have a crit hero I’ve been ignoring…

Oh and the added benefit of the crit hit is that it ignores the weak color rule

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So I feel like these B&F and Leafwhisk were madeeee to function like queen of hearts and have minion taunt.

Boom and Fang even more so. If you need to down down the mega minion a little to do so, that’d be a welcomed change. Cause right now he’s basically used in zero aspects of the game and where he is used he drastically under performs.

Simply give him taunt while mega minion is active and boom. Fixed and work as intended

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He works really well in a battle of attrition type PVP setup where if you keep your team alive for a few turns and ideally you boost his minion attack he will win the battle for you as your only hitter.

He works well in PVP.

He works very well vs blue titans

Give him taunt or a meaningful buff or he’ll stay bad forever. Sure he can hold his own in battles like that but 25-30 if not more, heros do what your describing much better so…… lol.

Taunt or Bust

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What 25-30 heroes do it much better? He does more than “hold his own” in such battles, it is quite easy to get him to do sniper like or more damager each turn as well as protecting himself and doing counter damage.

He is a very good hero, better than most other 5* heroes in the game.

Oh and as a tank he is capable of holding around 2900 cups.

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I’ll try it here with a minion plus fruit team to find my own data… But this write up suggests neither fiends nor minions benefit from crit percentages. So I’d the mega minion alone in this benefit?

What is a fruit percentage?

You’re a fruit. :slight_smile: (it was a typo. Fruit=crit)

I used this team. shader gives 30% … i sent some tiles, ghost if i could, and the arco minions did not apply any crit damage (as labeled) nor did the mega minions.

Did s5, 10-10 as my playground.

Note these 2 damage figures on the blue heroes

He definitely applies crit every 2nd hit with xiwangmus special


Does her special read differently than shader?

From what i could tell, attack up affected the damage from minions as did franz added damage. How crit didn’t do much.

did ya’ll see there is a balance update and boom and fang are the beneficiaries? I don’t think ya’ll are going to like it… but…

Boom & Fang

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When will Boom & Fang be buffed or reworked?

He’s clearly several degrees worse than most goblins.


The new scrollbeast MM does the same counter attack. Even though he is slow, he attacks all and wither down enemy attack.

B&F needs something to go with him. Maybe and add on wither Def down or growth attack or even healing… something to compensate this hero


Esp. after the release of new goblins, boomfunk looks so lame. He got potential to be a very handy support hero but as many mentioned above, he needs something else in addition. Maybe healing, or wither affect or damage to all… please hear the sound of your player base and buff him to be fair.

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Yay got my Second Boom & Bust (also got my second Kettle too but that complaint is for another thread…maybe they will buff 1 of them lol)…