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Some of us were discussing this earlier.

Did SG stated this at any point?

If they did, they certainly didn’t live up to the promise (since they aren’t adding more HOTMs to the list as months go by). If they didn’t, I guess we can clarify that in the faq to avoid misunderstandings or false expectations.

They did and they have been adding to the pool…?

Took this screenshot this morning… All hotms > 12 months old are in the pool.


Thanks for clarifying! Never thought they would add them myself.

And since I am not using HA10 myself (troops seem better to me, considering chances), I hadn’t noticed.

Someone was mentioning in LINE so many heroes were missing, but since they were speaking about event heroes and old HOTMS, maybe they only missed the event ones. :thinking:

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Recommendations for the Hero Academy:

Retraining for Legendary heroes (5*) percentages:

  • Classic Hero: 80%
  • Season 2 Hero: 4%
  • Season 3 Hero: 4%
  • Past HOTM’s: 4%
  • Event Hero: 4%
  • Seasonal Hero: 4 %

Training for Rare (3*) and Epic (4*) heroes percentages:

  • Classic Hero: 80%
  • Season 2 Hero: 5%
  • Season 3 Hero: 5%
  • Event Hero: 5%
  • Seasonal Hero: 5%

Troops trainings cost for 1, 2 and 3 stars troops:

  • Reduce training time 50%

Training for 1* Héroes elements:

  • Instead of using a wooden sword, use a training manual (1*)

Level 6 takes 2D and 12H though, unfortunately not just 2D

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Thank you, I have updated it and @Guvnor I replaced the graphic a few posts up for you to use in the OP.

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Ok, I am new to HA and being F2P, I was working long for HA 10.
But 7 days for a retrain, with 5% non-S1 heroes, So mathematically 1 non S1 heroes over 5 months.

Geez, Consider a year work on building and research work to make it workable, then recruits and food cost on top of it.

This retrain time is ridiculous, may be max 2 days, like TC 20. 5* chance from the ever growing hero list is too low.

I don’t know, but this just endless grind, unless few lucky retrain posted on social platform, getting 1 good hero will take years.

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I feel you. But this is what this game is all about: grind, grind, grind. And a whole lot of patience.

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